Type: Supernatural
Cost: ••
Prerequisites: Telepathy •••••, Expression ••

Your character can create illusions in the minds of others. The victim experiences these visions as if he were dreaming, and to onlookers he seems like he’s sleepwalking or in a trance. Spend a point of Willpower to activate Phantasmagoria and roll Manipulation + Occult. The content of the illusion is determined entirely by your character, but the more unbelievable the situation the more likely the victim is to see through it.

Make a new roll each turn you change the illusion significantly. If at any point a victim starts to disbelieve what he’s seeing, he can make a reflexive Resolve + Composure roll to snap out of it. Your character cannot inflict damage on a victim by hurting him in the illusion. However, the threat of violence does cause a victim to snap back to his senses suddenly and may impose the Spooked Condition at the Storyteller’s discretion.

Suggested Modifiers: The changes made in the illusion are very subtle (+1), the illusion takes place in the victim’s past (+2), the illusion takes place in a setting unfamiliar to the victim (–1), the illusion contains elements that are obviously unrealistic or go against the victim’s personal world view (–3)

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