Type: Social
Cost: Variable •• or •••
Prerequisites: Wits •••+ and Empathy •••+

Your character is keenly attuned to indications of imminent violence, and knows techniques to soothe hot tempers and calm emotions. At two dots, the character may act first in a violent scene to attempt to deescalate the behavior. He spends a point of Willpower and forces his opponent into a social maneuver. The opponent’s base number of Doors is equal to the higher of her Resolve or Composure for this maneuver.

The character rolls each turn as if he had a perfect first impression. If the character fails a roll, his opponent may attack him next turn unless he spends another point of Willpower to continue the social maneuver, but his opponent adds two Doors to her remaining total. If the character dramatically fails, his opponent may attack him immediately without the chance to reinitiate the social maneuver.

If the character removes his opponent’s final Door, her will to fight is exhausted — Storyteller characters will seek a nonviolent resolution to the scene. Players’
characters may either take a Beat and seek a nonviolent alternative, or gain the Reluctant Aggressor Condition.

When facing groups of attackers, this Merit allows the character to single out the leader of the group, or an individual the others look to for guidance. While the social
maneuver continues, the other attackers wait to see the outcome. If the leader gains the Reluctant Aggressor Condition, so too do all her allies. The social maneuver automatically fails if the character’s allies initiate any violent actions while the character attempts to avoid violence.

At three dots, the character’s soothing voice and actions are almost supernatural in effect. He may use this Merit against opponents suffering supernaturally inspired anger, including vampires in frenzy or werewolves in Death Rage. These opponents have an additional number of Doors equal to their Supernatural Tolerance traits — talking down an enraged werewolf is very difficult, but the character can do it.

Drawback: The character’s first instinct is to reduce violence, not join it. He suffers –1 to his dice pools for attacking opponents until he suffers damage, which overcomes his deeply-held reluctance to injure others.

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