Over Before It Started

Type: Supernatural
Prerequisites: Mortal, Plain Reader

Sometimes, it’s not the act of violence that matters so much as the consequences. Once per session, a Plain with this Merit can focus the narrative away from inflicting violence and onto dealing with it. In a violent encounter with a Storyteller character intent on causing harm to others, the Plain can intervene. Instead of rolling out the violence, blow by blow, the Plain declares that all violence is inflicted on him, instead. Players may refuse this martyrdom; this negates the Merit’s effect. If not, the Storyteller rolls one die for each combatant who would attack the Plain. The total successes rolled is how many lethal damage the Plain has to contend with. He may mitigate this damage with other Merits, but there is no Defense allowed. He will be harmed, possibly killed, but no one else is harmed and his point is made. Violence is awful. Other Merits that the Plain has which affect the aftermath of violence can still be used.

If the Plain survives the encounter, all of his temporary Willpower is restored.

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