Numbing Touch

Type: Supernatural
Cost: Variable • to •••••
Prerequisites: --

With Numbing Touch, your character’s psychic gifts allow her to numb a person, rendering them sluggish and incompetent. With intense concentration, she can cause neurons to shut down.

This Merit has two effects. With the first, your character may numb with a single touch and a point of Willpower. Against an unwilling subject, roll Intelligence + Empathy + Numbing Touch, contested by Stamina + Blood Potency. If successful, Numbing Touch takes effect. An affected character suffers no wound penalties, but suffers a penalty equal to your character’s Numbing Touch dots to all dice pools requiring manual dexterity or sensory perception. These penalties fade by one every turn, until they are gone completely.

Alternatively, the character may focus her gift into a ‘psychic weapon’ by spending a point of Willpower, at a range of up to a foot from her hands or face. When the invisible ‘weapon’ strikes an opponent, the character may spend an additional point of Willpower to lash out at the victim’s nervous system. In addition to the normal effects of Numbing Touch –which do not receive a contested roll– the victim loses Willpower points equal to your character’s Numbing Touch dots. If she has no Willpower points to lose, additional points become levels of lethal damage. This can be employed as part of an unarmed attack.

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