Nowhere To Run

Type: Garou
Cost: ••
Prerequisites: Red Talon or Wendigo

Any Garou can track prey. Your character, however, has an instinctive awareness of his prey, and the places his prey considers “safe.” Using subtle clues about his prey — like smells, fibers, and tracks — he can identify where his prey hides and recuperates. With a turn of scrutiny, he immediately knows basic details and a rough location of any Safe Place the prey has. With a Wits + Investigation roll, he can identify other dedicated sites, boltholes, and hiding places. Every success offers one such hangout.

Drawback: Your character’s instincts peak when he knows his prey’s safe places. Your character must leave his mark on the location when he visits. This can be as subtle as a scent, but must be something the prey can notice if she returns.

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