Nocturnal Supremacy

Type: Supernatural
Cost: ••
Prerequisites: Psychic Vampirism

Your character has an affinity for the darkness, like the vampires with which she shares a name. When the sun is down and she has at least a point of Ephemera, she gains one of the following advantages, chosen when you take this Merit:

  • Her body becomes more robust, more perfect. She gains a dot of Strength and a dot of Stamina.
  • She becomes charismatic and sly. She gains a dot of Presence and a dot of Manipulation.
  • Her flesh becomes tight as marble, as strong as leather. She gains 1/1 armor, which stacks with any worn armor.
  • Her senses sharpen and perfect themselves for the dark. Take +3 to all Perception-based rolls, and take no penalties from darkness. Double the range of all your character’s senses. Additionally, your character benefits from the Danger Sense Merit.

During the day, your character suffers a –2 to all actions. If she does not sleep at least eight hours of the day, she suffers the Lethargic Condition (see p. 150).

Dots gained by this Merit affect all derived traits, and can increase Attributes beyond their normal maximums. You may purchase this Merit multiple times, however, each additional expenditure costs an additional dot. So the first purchase costs two dots, the second costs three, the third costs four. However, you may only take a single advantage one time; additional purchases must be allocated to other advantages. As well, the penalties for daylight activity do not stack; your character only suffers –2 and a single instance of Lethargic.

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