Mr. Lucky

Type: Supernatural
Prerequisites: Atariya, Damn Lucky

You’re still not sure if it’s real, but there’s this guy, he hangs around. He’s always there, smiling, at just the right place at just the right time. Always smiling. But if he’s around, you know shit’s about to go bad fast. Is he there to help you? Warn you? Or just eat up the bad luck that’s about to flow all over the place? Is he even really your friend?

Mr. Lucky can actually manifest in a number of different ways depending on the Merit-holder and his cultural references. Universally, though, Mr. Lucky is always smiling, and he/she/it never speaks.

Any time your character would be surprised or put into immense danger, the Storyteller should introduce Mr. Lucky to the scene somehow. You never suffer penalties to Wits + Composure rolls to avoid surprise or ambush, and a single success on such rolls is considered an exceptional success. Your character also receives +2 to any Initiative rolls that follow.

Note: Characters with Mr. Lucky may see manifestations or influences of him in other Merits they purchase. For example, a character with Count Down and Mr. Lucky may find that he whispers the number of lives she has left in her ear when she’s about to die. Or a character with Sense Flow may see Mr. Lucky leaning on an unfortunate just before he fails.

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