Most Infected Thing I've Ever Seen

Type: Supernatural
Cost: ••
Prerequisites: Mortal, Plain Reader

Because of their willingness to put their lives on the line, Plain sometimes suffer from the very real and lingering effects of violence. Some wounds will never really heal. But on the other hand, they seem to manage carrying on when others would be hospitalized or dead. How do they do it? They don’t even know.

At any point, a Plain with this Merit can swap out Health boxes of damage for a Tilt reflecting the damage they’ve taken. This Tilt then becomes a Condition the character suffers from instead of the acute injury. Death is shrugged off in favor of lingering, lasting issues. Four or fewer Health boxes creates a Condition that may be satisfied with extensive medical care. Five or more Health boxes must be traded for a Persistent Condition that should be correctable only by a major story event. Tilts selected for Conditions via this Merit should be contextual. If the character had her eye put out, the Condition should reflect that, not simply be a random trade for points.

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