Hearing Whispers

Type: Garou
Cost: ••
Prerequisites: Get of Fenris, Silver Fang, or Uktena

Your Garou sees the deep, dark, and embarrassing in people. With a turn of scrutiny, she can identify the subject’s Persistent Conditions. If your character suspects additional weaknesses, she can identify them with a Wits + Skill roll. Each weakness requires a separate roll, and at least a turn of scrutiny; the Storyteller determines the Skill by the weakness your character suspects. Having no dots in a Skill qualifies as a weakness for this purpose, as well as does anything else the Storyteller deems fit. This can’t identify a spirit’s ban.

Drawback: Outside the Condition ability, she must have reason to suspect a weakness to use this Merit. This suspicion often requires legwork on the back-end before the Garou can take advantage of her keen senses.

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