Type: Fighting
Cost: Variable • to •••
Prerequisites: Stamina •••, Strength ••, Athletics ••, Brawl ••

Your character has trained in wrestling, or one of many grappling martial arts.

Sprawl Your character can adjust his weight to defend himself in a grapple. Add 2 to his Strength for the purposes of resisting overpowering maneuvers.
•• Takedown Your character can take an opponent to the ground rapidly. With a normal roll, you may choose to render an opponent prone instead of establishing a grapple. Also, you may choose to cause bashing damage equal to the successes rolled.
••• Joint Lock Once in a grapple, your character can administer joint locks and other immobilizing tactics. Any attempt to overpower your character causes the other character a point of bashing damage. Additionally, any successful overpowering maneuvers your character uses cause one lethal damage in addition to their normal effects.

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