Fated Ferocity

Type: Supernatural
Cost: Variable • to •••••
Prerequisites: Cursed ••, Stamina ••, Resolve •••

Your character, condemned to die by fate, has turned her ill-fortune into grim purpose. She’s going to fight until the last drop of blood leaves her body, and no one who stands in her way is safe.

Bucket List Your character knows the time she has left is precious and anything she accomplishes in it is a victory over fate. Any time she completes an Aspiration, replenish a point of Willpower and add a +1 bonus to her Defense for the next attack against her in the same scene.
•• Die with Dignity Your character’s certainty protects her from those who’d steer her from the path. Any attempts, mundane or supernatural, to convince your character to do something which would prevent her from working towards or achieving an Aspiration before she dies automatically fail.
••• Limitless You push yourself beyond the physical constraints of your body to strike your enemies harder. Instead of an all-out attack you can choose to take any amount of bashing damage (up to her dots in Fated Ferocity); each point of damage adds an additional die to the attack roll, plus one. You must take at least one bashing damage for this maneuver.
•••• Not Today Death knows when it’s time to come and claim you and won’t waste its energy on anything less. Up to a limit of your character’s Resolve in a single scene, any lethal damage that would fill her last Health box instead wraps into aggravated damage. Thus, her last Health box remains open and she can keep fighting.
••••• Don’t Go Gently Your character’s final act shows everyone she’s not going out with a whimper, but a bang. When confronted with the source of her Cursed Merit she can choose to spend all remaining points of Willpower to gain a bonus equal to her Willpower total for a single action. If this is an attack, upgrade the damage type.

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