Euphoric Touch

Type: Supernatural
Cost: Variable • to •••
Prerequisites: Psychic Vampirism

Your psychic vampire’s touch numbs or creates euphoria when she uses her gifts. Any time she touches a victim and activates Psychic Vampirism, you may choose to activate Euphoric Touch. Her dots in Euphoric Touch determine her choices; she may administer any or all of her Euphoric Touch abilities at once.

Numbing Touch At this level, your character’s touch numbs. Victims of her Psychic Vampirism suffer no wound penalties for the scene. Additionally, any rolls to detect by touch — including detecting your character’s vampirism — suffer a –5 penalty.
•• Sensual Touch At this level, your character’s touch becomes euphoric. Victims of her psychic vampirism gain the Swooned Condition toward her.
••• Addicting Touch With this level, her touch is addicting. Victims gain the Addicted Condition in regards to her touch.

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