Type: Social
Cost: ••
Prerequisites: Empathy ••

Your character has seen pain, and can identify it instantly. With a single Wits + Empathy roll, you can identify any mental Conditions from which a character suffers, and his Integrity. A character trying to hide this can contest with Manipulation + Subterfuge, but may roll no more dice than his Integrity or other relevant trait. If he does not have Integrity, you get an idea of his general, abstract state and internal conflicts. For example, a vampire has Humanity instead of Integrity. Your character might know that the vampire struggles with a terrible
addiction, and feels inhuman, but wishes to maintain attachment to what made him
feel like a person.

Any character so discerned is always down one Door in any social maneuvering with your character. After a successful roll, with meaningful, relevant interaction, your character can give the 8-again quality to a subject’s breaking point rolls for the chapter.

If a character takes your character as a Support Network, that character may never roll fewer dice for a breaking point than your character has Empathy dots.

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