Embodiment Of A Hero

Type: Garou
Cost: •••••
Prerequisites: Cannot be a Ronin

Your character is the perfect likeness of one of the Garou heroes of legend. She looks the part so very closely that she shakes the souls of her onlookers. Choose an Attribute that reflects her relationship to the Hero. She gains a dot in that Attribute,
and that Attribute can go one above the normal maximum — normally six dots, unless she has an advanced level of Primal Urge. She can draw on her bearing to cow her opponents. When the player spends a point of Willpower, anyone who tries to attack the character that turn gains the Shaken Condition.

Drawback: Your character draws unwanted attention. Wrathful spirits with old memories and Garou with Past Lives will attempt to settle old scores with her likeness, through her.

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