Dedicated Locus

Type: Garou
Cost: Variable • to •••••
Prerequisites: Safe Place •

The pack has a locus on its territory that’s attuned to their totem’s resonance. While most packs protect a locus, a Dedicated Locus represents one they’ve invested deeply into, which provides significant and highly quickened Essence. The locus’ rating is equal to the dots in this merit. Additionally, the pack can use the filtered, focused Essence faster than other Essence. Collectively, pack members with this Merit can spend a number of points of Essence equal to the Merit cost in a day, above and beyond their normal per-turn limits.

For example, a Primal Urge 1 Garou in a pack with Dedicated Locus at three dots can spend four Essence in a turn, but that uses up the ability for the entire pack for the rest of the day. A pack can share in the dot rating of this Merit, splitting the cost between any number of characters. Only characters contributing dots can use its benefits. It must be anchored to a Safe Place of at least the same dot rating.

Drawback: The locus is powerful enough that it draws excessive attention from local spirits seeking a prime feast.

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