Damn Lucky

Type: Supernatural
Cost: Variable • to ••••
Prerequisites: Mortal

When taking damage from any source, spend a point of Willpower reflexively to activate Damn Lucky. This Merit “absorbs” up to one lethal damage or two bashing damage per dot, protecting your character from that harm. At any point in the same scene, you may choose another character to suffer that harm. The Storyteller decides just how this manifests. The victim may potentially avoid the harm with a successful Wits + Composure roll, requiring successes equal to your dots in this Merit. If successful, she may act normally (potentially requiring Initiative rolls) or apply her Defense. If the Storyteller needs to make a dice roll for the phenomenon, use twice your Merit dots, but do not apply the successes as additional damage.

For example, if your character has Damn Lucky •••, and takes a bullet to the chest for four lethal damage, you may spend a point of Willpower to activate this Merit. The bullet would only cause one lethal damage; the bullet may have hit the book he’s keeping in his coat pocket. You may choose to have that damage apply to his shooter. The Storyteller decides that happens when a ricochet knocks down a chandelier.

The shooter’s player rolls Wits + Composure, and gets the required three successes. So the Storyteller makes an attack roll for the chandelier, but applies the shooter’s Defense to the roll.

If the total damage absorbed is less than your Merit dots, you may absorb damage from multiple sources, but only up to a limit of your total dots in a scene.

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