Curse Effigy

Type: Supernatural
Cost: •••
Prerequisites: --

Whether by sticking pins in a wax doll or cutting up photographs in her burn book, your character knows how to create effigies that can hurt her enemies without physically touching them. This process doesn’t require occult training. It can be anything from a tradition passed down through generations of family members to instructions downloaded off the Internet: What matters is her focused hatred toward her enemy.

To create an effigy, spend a point of Willpower and roll Wits + Occult – the victim’s Resolve. The effigy requires something personal from the intended victim (a sample of hair or blood), and takes an entire night to craft. For every success, you may inflict one of the following penalties on the subject as an instant action:

  • An appropriate Personal Tilt; Arm Wrack Tilt by stabbing the effigy’s arm, or the Sick Tilt by coating an effigy in a hospital patient’s mucus. This effect lasts for one turn per success used.
  • Attacking vital organs with a roll of Intelligence + Medicine – subject’s Stamina + Supernatural Tolerance, doing lethal damage.
  • Whisper horrible things to the effigy, distracting the victim and reducing the victim’s next Social action to a chance die.

Once all successes are used the effigy falls apart and any new ones must be created with a fresh sample. If an effigy is destroyed or the victim gains possession of his effigy, then any remaining successes are wasted.

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