Code Of Honor

Type: Garou
Cost: ••
Prerequisites: Harmony 8+

Your character has established and held onto a code of human behavior. Maybe she follows a knightly tradition, or maybe she was part of a generational secret society before her Change. When purchasing this Merit, choose a Virtue (p. 158) that reflects her Code of Honor. In addition to the advantages of a Virtue, such as Willpower replenishment, she gets +3 dice to any Stamina, Resolve, or Composure roll to uphold the integrity of her code.

Drawback: A rigid belief system has its drawbacks. Any time the character is faced with a challenge to her beliefs or an opportunity to betray them, she must spend a Willpower point or uphold or defend her beliefs at any cost. She cannot gain the benefit from this Merit or regain Willpower until she’s made a show of defending her beliefs in the face of significant adversity.

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