Closer Than You Thought

Type: Garou
Cost: ••
Prerequisites: Ragabash

Under the dark moon, the prey cannot judge distance or threat. The Ragabash can make use of the inherent uncertainty of the new moon. Once per chapter, the Ragabash can become suddenly closer to a target. Mechanically, this can be expressed in one of the following manners:

  • The Ragabash can move her initiative rating to within one point of a target's, either one above or one below, depending where she is in the initiative relative to the target. She can't change make her Initiative result higher or lower than the target's if it isn't already.
  • She can move close enough to use her teeth and claws against one opponent who isn't attacking her.
  • She can subtract -2 from the number of Doors needed in Social maneuvering.

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