Breath Stealer

Type: Supernatural
Cost: Variable • to •••
Prerequisites: Psychic Vampirism

Your psychic vampire may steal breath instead of touching a victim. Each level in this Merit modifies the distance from which she can activate Psychic Vampirism abilities.

Kiss Your character must be very close to steal breath. Her mouth must be close to her victim’s; she must be able to feel her victim’s breath.
•• Touch The range extends. If she could touch her victim with an outstretched arm, she can steal breath.
••• Reach At the pinnacle of ability, she can steal breath from a number of meters (or yards) equal to her Willpower dots. But to do so, she must spend a point of Willpower in addition to any other costs for Psychic Vampirism abilities. This Willpower enables this ability for the scene.

Note: This may limit usage in certain situations. For example, if trying to leech Ephemera from a monster which doesn’t breathe, Breath Stealer is useless.

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