Type: Supernatural
Cost: Variable • to ••••
Prerequisites: Biokinesis •

Your character’s body responds to threats by evolving its own natural defenses. What other animals need countless generations to develop she has in the time it takes to scream — and she will. By spending a point of Willpower and taking a point of lethal damage for each, you may divide the dots in this Merit among the following benefits:

  • Natural weapons, such as claws that grow out from underneath the fingernails or a second row of jagged teeth protruding from the gums, that do lethal damage, but treated as 0 lethal weapons.
  • Biological toxin (venom sacs in the throat or mucus secreted from the pores) that coats a target with a Dexterity + Athletics roll; target’s Defense applies. If successful, it inflicts a moderate version of the Poisoned Tilt on the victim.
  • Armor (tumorous growths covering the skin, thick leathery hide, fused bone plates covering vital organs, etc.) with a rating of 2/1, but a –2 penalty to Initiative.
  • Camouflage (skin that can change pigment and texture to match the environment) granting the 8-again quality to all Stealth rolls.

These changes last for a scene, but your character can force them back with a successful Stamina + Resolve roll, penalized by the number of mutations taken. Otherwise, her mutations are visible to the naked eye and obviously inhuman. She can still use mundane means to hide them, like heavy layers of clothes.

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