Aura Reading

Type: Supernatural
Cost: •••
Prerequisites: --

Your character has the psychic ability to perceive auras, the ephemeral halos of energy that surround all living things. This allows her to perceive a subject’s emotional state, and potentially any supernatural nature. The colors of an aura show a person’s general disposition, and the ebbs, flows, tone, and other oddities reveal other influences. Note that your character may not know what she’s looking at when seeing something odd in an aura. For example, she may not know that a pale aura means she’s seeing a vampire, unless she’s confirmed other vampiric auras in the past.

To activate Aura Reading, spend a point of Willpower and roll Wits + Empathy minus the subject’s Composure. Perceiving an aura takes an uninterrupted moment of staring, which could look suspicious even to the unaware. For every success, ask the subject’s player one of the following questions. Alternatively, take +1 on Social rolls against the character during the same scene, due to the character’s understanding
of their emotional state.

  • What is your character's most prominent emotion?
  • Is your character telling the truth?
  • What is your character's attention most focused on right now?
  • Is your character going to attack?
  • What emotion is your character trying most to hide?
  • Is your character supernatural or otherwise not human?

Determine how your character perceives auras. Maybe she sees different hues as different emotions. Perhaps she hears whispers in the back of her mind, reflecting subtle truths about her subject.

Drawback: Because of your character’s sensitivity to the supernatural, she sometimes appears to know ‘a little too much.’ No more than once per chapter, when first meeting a supernatural creature, the Storyteller can roll Wits + Occult for the creature, penalized by your character’s Composure. If successful, they get a strange feeling that your character is aware of their nature. They’re not forced to behave in any particular way, but it could cause complications.

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