Augmentation: Pulse Generator

Type: Supernatural
Cost: Variable • to •••••
Prerequisites: Protocol: Equal Level

Your character has a battery and wiring matrix in her skin which allows her to create a quick electrical pulse against anyone she touches. Any time she makes contact with another character, she may discharge her Pulse Generator. This causes bashing damage equal to her dots in this Merit, and the Stunned Tilt. This can be combined with an unarmed attack or grapple, or used during more subtle contact like a handshake or when brushing up against someone. It can be used as another character attacks her as well.

She may only discharge the Pulse Generator once per scene. The discharge can also be used to destroy electrical systems; she causes twice her Merit dots in Structure damage in that case, ignoring Durability.

Deprived: Your character may suffer one lethal damage to reflexively recharge the Pulse Generator, allowing it to be activated multiple times in a scene.

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