Augmentation: Last Chance

Type: Supernatural
Cost: •••••
Prerequisites: Protocol •••••

Your character’s body has been outfitted with a devastating last-ditch weapon. Usually, this takes the form of ball bearings or flechettes under the skin, which burst out at a moment’s notice to eliminate all nearby threats. This is often fatal for the subject.

Activating her Last-Chance weapon requires an instant action and a Resolve + Composure roll, as she’s aware of the threat to her body. She immediately takes five points of aggravated damage. Roll five additional dice as lethal damage against her. Make an attack roll against every character within 10 meters (11 yards); Defense does not apply to these rolls, but cover does. The attack is made with her Stamina + Firearms + 5, and is considered a 3L weapon.

Once used, your character must have a minor surgery to reinstall the ammunition, and must have healed all the aggravated damage first.

Deprived: The weapon does 4L and gains 3 Armor Piercing.

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