Augmentation: Cloaking Device

Type: Supernatural
Cost: •••
Prerequisites: Protocol •••

Your character has thousands of subtle lenses, prisms, and mirrors carefully installed throughout her skin, which are activated by holding her breath. When active, these devices bend light around her, rendering her nearly invisible. Any attempt to find her by sight loses –5 dice. Surveillance technology like cameras and motion sensors will simply fail to notice her. The technology also confounds thermal imaging and similar devices. This penalty also applies to detecting her ambushes.

Under normal circumstances, your character can hold her breath for 20 seconds per dot of Stamina (or seven turns). During stressful situations (like combat), make a Stamina + Resolve roll every turn, with a cumulative –1 for every 20 seconds that pass. Add an additional –1 each time she takes a physically exacting action such as attacking.

Deprived: If your character fails to hold her breath, you may take one point of lethal damage to prolong the effect by 10 seconds (or 3 turns). You may do this once per scene.

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