Augmentation: Archangel System

Type: Supernatural
Cost: •••••
Prerequisites: Protocol •••••

The Archangel System is a suite of nerve, muscular, and tissue enhancements which, when activated, push the subject’s body to its peak (and beyond). When active, your character has a faint, reddish-gold glow from under her skin as if she held a flashlight under her palm. It doesn’t look inherently supernatural unless in a dark place. Activating the Archangel System is reflexive, but costs 1 Willpower. It introduces a series of advantages for the remainder of the scene.

  • Ignore all Tilts which would physically impair your character. She suffers no wound penalties.
  • Once per turn, your character may take an action that would normally require her to sacrifice her Defense, but she does not lose her Defense. For example, she may make an all-out attack while still maintaining her Defense, or use certain Fighting Style Merits.
  • She gains +1 Defense. She does not suffer a loss of Defense for facing multiple attackers.
  • Any attack she makes causes one additional damage, or the Knocked Down Tilt. Your choice.
  • Her unarmed attacks cause lethal damage.
  • Add +2 to her Initiative, and +5 to her Speed.
  • She heals one point of bashing damage per turn.
  • She gains 1/1 armor. This combines with worn armor.

At the end of the scene, your character becomes Deprived. If she’s already Deprived, she suffers full withdrawal. Any lethal damage she suffers at the end of the scene becomes aggravated.

Deprived: Increase the armor bonus to 2/2, she heals two points of bashing damage per turn, and her attacks cause both one additional damage and the Knocked Down Tilt.

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