Assertive Implement

Type: Supernatural
Cost: Variable • to ••••
Prerequisites: Manipulation •••, Occult •••, Weaponry or Firearms ••

Your character has a weapon with a mind of its own. It could be haunted by a vengeful ghost or possessed by a spirit of violence. When she’s using it, the entity inside makes her weapon more effective, so long as its own needs are being fulfilled. Once per scene she can add her dots in Assertive Implement to an attack roll. She can choose to add a +1 bonus to her weapon’s damage for every two dots of Assertive Implement, instead. The weapon is also more resilient than an ordinary tool; it regenerates a point of Structure every night even if it’s been “destroyed.” If, however, the entity itself is removed through exorcism or other means, then the object is destroyed automatically.

Drawback: The weapon is not a servant, it’s a partner. If the Storyteller determines that an action goes against the entity’s whims, he can inflict a reflexive penalty equal to dots in Assertive Implement. Also, if the weapon has an opportunity to fulfill its needs and your character hesitates, then the weapon can attack on its own using your dots in Assertive Implement as its dice pool.

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