Type: Supernatural
Cost: Variable ••• or •••••
Prerequisites: --

Your character can rip objects through space from one fixed point to another. The more familiar she is with an object the greater the distance she can move it. No mundane barrier can prevent this transference. With the three-dot version, only inanimate objects Size 2 or less can be moved. With the five-dot version she can move objects and living creatures up to Size 5, including herself.

Spend a point of Willpower to activate Apportation and roll Resolve + Occult. She can move an object a number of yards per success. If she wishes to move the same object further, she can spend multiple turns accumulating successes to add to her total. Moving an unwilling target is a contested action versus the target’s Resolve + Composure.

Suggested Modifiers: Target object is not in your character’s line of sight (–2), Target object is moving or a moving part of a machine (–3), Target object is
anchored to its location (–4), Your character interacts with the target object regularly (+1), Your character has read the target object with Psychometry in the past (+2), Your character has scanned a living target with Telepathy in the past (+2)

Drawback: The process of apporting an object imparts a great deal of friction on it, leaving it hot to the touch or burned in the process. An item takes one point of Structure damage each time it’s apported and has a –2 penalty to use for the turn after it’s moved. Living creatures take bashing damage equal to the number of yards moved with Apportation.

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