Animal Possession

Type: Supernatural
Cost: Variable •• or ••••
Prerequisites: Animal Ken •••

Your character is able to take over the senses of her animal companion. This ability supplants the animal’s mind so your character’s can take over. Her own body goes into a coma-like state and she has no awareness of what it feels or perceives while she is away. Spend a point of Willpower and roll Resolve + Animal Ken. If successful, your character is in control of her animal’s body for a scene and has its full range of senses at her disposal. If at any point the animal sustains damage, make a reflexive Resolve + Animal Ken roll with a penalty equal to the amount of damage taken. Failure immediately ejects her from the animal’s mind and
back into her own.

You may only use this Merit on an animal with which you share the Bonded Condition. With the four-dot version, you can ignore this limitation.

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