All In

Type: Supernatural
Cost: •••
Prerequisites: Atariya, Resolve •••, Damn Lucky

Most competent characters can all but assure basic success on skilled tasks. Your character can forgo that assurance, and turn an otherwise guaranteed victory into a gambit between catastrophe and miracle. Spend a Willpower point to activate All-In. Reduce your dice pool for a given action to one die. Roll that single die, but with 8-again if you did not already have it. If successful, the action succeeds. If the roll fails, the roll is considered a dramatic failure.

For every two dice removed from your pool (rounded down), a successful roll achieves one additional automatic success. For example, if your character has eight dice, reducing that to one die would offer three automatic successes (seven, divided by two, rounded down), if your roll was successful. If you rolled a single success, this would mean the action succeeds with four successes.

No effect can apply the rote quality to this roll.

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