Whatever Lula Wants

Title: Whatever Lula Wants
Date: October 1, 2748
Characters Appearing:

Summary: A group goes to discover the mystery that is Bright-Eyes Chicharronita the First.

The journey for Forest-Smell has taken them into the depths of the woods around the outer edge of the Maw-Sit-Sit crater. The greenery is thick and lush, the animals quieting at the presence of predators, but Bright-Eyes doesn't seem to mind. She's sniffing along the ground, leading her companions along behind her on a meandering, confused search.

~Ummm… this way,~ she says, for the twenty-sixth time. ~I think that smells like wolves. Do you think that smells like wolves?~ It does not smell like wolves.

~I think our whole group smells like wolves,~ Trouble replies, grumbling quietly as he follows the fawn-colored wolf while she tries to retrace her steps. The darker furred wolf occasionally sniffs at the air, and any one can see that his hackles are up. The ragabash is on edge, but he slinks along quietly as they travel. ~I'm getting a bad feeling about this…~

"Not me," Bel notes to Jason's observation, "I smell like cop." By her tone, it's hard to say that she thinks it's a better smell. "Chicha," she says, to Bright-Eyes, nickname funneling into an even more nicknamey nickname, "what do you remember about where you last saw Forest-Smell?" It's a cop question, because the cop might be ready to try something different than wandering around for hours. "Was there any running water? Were the trees dense or sparce? Bird song or not? Anything smell interesting besides the wolf himself?"

In the not-so-far distance, upwind from the trio of explorers, is the dark silhouette of another wolf loping along and headed in their relative direction. It's Light-Chaser in lupus, and he doesn't seem to have noticed them despite their scents carrying toward him, and instead has stopped to sniff at a patch of leaf litter at the base of a tree. Sniff, sniff. Ooh, mushrooms.

Bright-Eyes perks her ears and looks back at Bel eagerly, tail tip wagging. ~There was a river! We took a bath. I was covered in wyld stink and city smell. And the trees were really close together, but still wide enough for Forest-Smell to walk through. He was very big! I don't remember bird song, or other interesting smells. I could only smell the city because I was covered in it.~ She rears up to sniff at a tree trunk curiously, then hops down again and lopes forward and back a few times. Excitable puppy!

But on one of her successive forward-and-backs, she halts, fur puffing out as she freezes. ~Wolf!~ she yelps, before launching into a volley of barking in Light-Chaser's direction.

Trouble snorts in amusement at Bel's remarks, and even turns his head to bump his nose against her thigh, making a big show of sniffing her over. ~Mmmm… yup, smells like bacon! Man, now I'm hungry.~ When Bright-Eyes spots that extra wolf, though, Trouble puffs up as well, freezing and starting to grow into Hispo on reflex. But he stops himself, holding still for a bit to let himself calm down. ~Is it Forest-Smell?~

Taking in Bright-Eyes' description with a tilt of her head, Bel is quiet for a moment as she mentally works out possible locations. Her fingers drum out a quiet beat against her cheek before something seems to hit her. She turns to look at the new wolf, chuckling a little before she waves off both their barking and puffing. "That's just Tariq," she says when she gets eyes on the wolf. She crouches next to Bright-Eyes, shifting her attention by pointing her in a more specific direction. Something to bring them closer to the nearest river. "Try that way," she notes, with a gentle smile.

It'd probably be hard to tell that Tariq smells like the forest beyond being present in current, actual forest. It's the barking that gets his attention, and the dark-furred wolf pops his head up to stare at the trio at first. Triangle ears perk forward in recognition, and a pink tongue peeks out from between his jaws. Breaking off from mushroom hunting, he trots forward to join the group, his form shifting from wolf to man as he goes. "Hey you three!" he greets as he closes the distance. "Here for the grand tour?"

BARK BARK BAoh. Bright-Eyes smooths down and gallops forward to greet Tariq with a happy sniff-over. ~Oh! It's not Forest-Smell,~ she says to Jason. ~It's Light-Chaser! Hello, Light-Chaser!~ she crows happily. ~Tour of what? I like tours! I think. What's a tour?~ And then she romps back to Bel and wags. ~Okay!~ she says cheerfully, turning to lead them away from the towering cliffside paths and toward the river in the distance. ~Where's the bacon, Trouble? I'm hungry too.~

Trouble relaxes when Light-Chaser arrives, approaching the other Garou to greet him with sniffs, and together they head off through the woods at Bright-Eyes' heels. ~We're going to find the mysterious Garou Bright-Eyes keeps talking about,~ Trouble informs the newcomer, his gait long and easy. Bright-Eyes' question makes him chuff in amusement. ~Ask Bel. She's the one who knows all the pigs.~

They don't travel for very long before the trees do get denser, and the sound of a river starts to filter out over the treetops. Everything is going fine until the wind shifts, and suddenly the three wolves catch the scent of other wolves. Trouble stiffens, stopping so fast anyone behind him plows right into him. ~… Bright-Eyes, you said Forest-Smell was big, right? How big, exactly?~ The ragabash's tail is tucked, his ears laying back. He looks like he's getting ready to bolt.

"Not exactly," Bel says to Tariq's question, but since Jason explains it better, she gestures his way instead of adding to it. And when Bright-Eyes heads in the new direction, Bel follows with her. But Jason manages to get her to look back. "Are you calling me a pig, Trouble?" Eyes narrow. Arms fold. The cop of the group is possibly… Not Amused. But it doesn't keep her from the task at hand, and she doesn't mark the shift in wind until Jason speaks up again. She pauses and turns, not pulling her gun out yet, but her hand hovers. She, oddly enough, does not look ready to bolt. The opposite, in fact.

And Tariq has Joined the Party! "Hello to you, Bright-Eyes," Tariq greets the enthused fawn-furred wolf with dirty hands scratching roughly at her head. At her question of what's a tour, he just laughs. "I was playin', Chicha. But you'd like tours, I bet." Not that he gets the chance to explain, because she's already bounced back to the others. When Trouble explains their mission objective, Tariq utters a short 'oh' and furrows his brow briefly as he tries to recall if he's run across any others. "I don't think I've seen any other Garou around here," admits the theurge once he has a moment. And then Trouble makes that remark about Bel and Tariq's brows jump up, mouth forming an 'oooh' - not because of the burn, but because of the Look that comes out on Bel's features. He knows that look. It's not a good look for the one it's directed at. But there's nothing further to be said when the ragabash notes the scent of other wolves. He pauses in stride, almost bumping the new-moon. "Did any of you say this mystery wolf was part of the sept, and I missed it?" he stage-whispers to the three.

Bright-Eyes sniffs the air, and sniffs again, and then starts wagging furiously. ~Yes! He was very big! His wolf friend jumped off his head into the river! And I think that's Forest-Smell!~ Unlike Trouble and Bel, she's all wags and happy unconcern. Hopping from leg to leg, she throws back her head and lets loose a howl. ~Forest-Smell-Big-Wolf, I come to visit!~

Normally, when Bel gives Jason that Look, he returns the most shit-eating grin he can manage. But not today. The wolf is full hackles, trying to make himself as small as possible. ~Oh crap, oh crap, oh crap… We've never met him before, but if it is who I think it is… I need to get out of he—~

He's cut off by the movement of shapes in the underbrush before them. Two wolves advance from out of the forest, heads low and lips pulled back in warning snarls. Their body posture is clear: You're on our territory. But the notable wolf is the Hispo coming out of the woods behind them. He has the same posture as the wolves in front of him, low and threatening. But… no, that's not a hispo. That's just a lupus that's the size of a small horse.

~Trouble-maker,~ he growls, low and warning, ~I told you the next time I caught you on my territory, I'd kill you. Do you have a death wish?~

Trouble presses his belly to the ground, letting out a plaintive whine.

Watching the raggie start to freak out, Bel watches the trees, waiting for the worst case scenario to pop out. Who knows what she was exprecting, but it seems Big-Ass Lupus wasn't it, because she lets out a bit of a sigh and eases her stance. Probably not a good idea to look like a threat at this moment, even if she is just a kin. She glances to Trouble, then to Bright-Eyes, then back in the general direction of the giant wolf. "We didn't intend to tresspass," she says, her tone sincerely apologetic. "Belen Mejia, Heart Guardian Kinfolk," she notes, as an introduction. "We were hoping to find some answers about our girl here," she says with a gesture to Bright-Eyes, "we understand you helped her out. She doesn't seem to remember herself." That's right, the kin is stepping into this one.

In a way, Tariq also gets pulled in two emotional directions between Bright-Eyes' eager visitor's howl and then Trouble's fearful posture. The two snarling wolves that emerge first from the wood trip his internal urges, pulling up his shoulders in a human hunch. But when the huge wolf comes out, so do Tariq's eyes bulge a bit in disbelief before he regains his composure enough to step forward. Tactically speaking, he's put himself between the ragabash and the angry giant. ~Yes, we are here to visit. I am Light-Chaser of the Star Children. Greetings to you and your pack, Brother,~ he adds in a rough approximation of the Mother's Tongue using his human voicebox. Tariq keeps it simple for now, gauging the pack's overall demeanor.

~It's you! Forest-Smell-Big-Wolf! I was right!~ exclaims Bright-Eyes excitedly. But then as she notes the tension, her tail slows slightly, her head canting. And then her tail tucks and she scurries back a step or two, hunching down low. ~P-please don't kill Trouble… h-he didn't know…~ Oh, no, the most pathetic. She slinks behind Bel, whimpering softly, letting Tariq try to battle this one out semantically.

The giant wolf's snarl settles out a little bit when Trouble's friends and grudging acquaintances step forward. His ears turn up to Bel and Tariq, and he steps /over/ one of the wolves in front of him to sniff them over. It's a bit unsettling to be facing a wolf that's nearly as tall as you are. But eventually he dips his head at them in greeting. ~I am Tears-The-Sky-Asunder. Full moon of the Earth Rangers, and this is my territory. Consider yourselves welcome. Well…~ He turns why might be considered a baleful look on the cowering ragabash. ~Almost all of you.~

The two other wolves are circling around them, taking a hint from their alpha and their posture settling out. One goes about sniffing all around Tariq and Bel curiously, while the other sniffs at Bright-Eyes, her ears perking up in recognition. Hi hi!

Bright-Eyes' request gets a tilt of the big wolf's head, and he looks between the three of them thoughtfully. ~I made a vow to kill the ragabash should he enter my territory again. You would have me break this vow? Explain why this is something I should do.~

~Maybe because I'm so damn pretty?~ Trouble remarks, but he's silenced with a growl from the big wolf.

Watching him casually stride right over the other wolf, Bel's eyes widen for a moment. It's brief, but clear to anyone paying attention. She stands still for the sniffing over, although her eyes close until he backs off some. "Thank you for your hospitality," Bel says, as if he weren't excluding one of their little group. Maybe she missed that part. "He only came with a mind to help her," Bel says, as far as why Jason might be granted a stay of execution. "None of us knew whose territory we were coming to, or I imagine he would have stayed back." She glances to Jason there. You would have, right, Jason? "None of us meant to disturb your territory. But, for Bright-Eyes, we had to come and try to glean what we could. Maybe help her remember something about herself." She glances to Jason, maybe just trying to keep an eye on him, but when she turns back, her voice lowers. "I understand she was collared when you found her," she says with no small amount of concern on her words.

A full moon, that explains… so much. The glance Tariq turns on Jason when the ragabash continues to be, well, himself, says a lot too, though really it's more wonderment at the Howler. "Thank you for the permission, Ranger. Though it would be best to leave the troublemaker be. The new-moons are meant to test us," he says carefully, turning back to Phoenix. "And clearly, your vigilance about your territory is as strong as your body and pack." The theurge doesn't appear bothered by the close proximity of the wolves sniffing him. "But, it would also be hard to explain to the Alpha's friends who like this newmoon why his pieces are scattered across your territory." When in doubt, name drop, right? "Crees el va a matar este hombre lobo, Bel?" Tariq adds quietly to Bel as he tries to appear calm.

Bright-Eyes straightens just a little when the she-wolf approaches, sniffing and licking at her in greeting. Hi back! But then her bright blue eyes turn back to Sky and she licks her chops nervously. Adding to what Bel says, ~This one asked him to help me find you,~ she says uncertainly. ~I didn't remember where you lived and I didn't know your name. He came to help, but it wasn't until now that he realized who we were hunting, and he was ready to leave quickly.~ She bellies down and crawls toward him a step or two, ears flat. ~Please,~ she whispers, trying to swallow down the panic clawing at her throat. He can smell the fear stench. ~No killing. Please.~

~You would make me an Oathbreaker because of your ignorance?~ Tears-The-Sky-Asunder growls, his volume rising with a surge of anger. But he tamps down on his rage, listening to all of them speak. Tariq's words make his ears flick, and he regards the groveling Bright-Eyes before him, before giving his head a shake, growling with annoyance.

~Fine. For you, City-Stink. But my oath is still stands. If I see him on my territory again…~

~Noted! Duly noted.~ Trouble starts backing away, step by careful step from the group, head still turned submissively, ~Not gonna come back again. You are magnanimous, Tears-The-Sky-Asunder-rhya. And… honorable and strong and really sexy in a no-homo kind of way and… um."

Trouble pauses… Then whirls about and takes off at top speed back the way they came. The other Garou barely get time to tense before he's disappeared completely. The two wolves perk up in confusion, and hurry to where the ragabash was and start sniffing around, searching for any hint of the interloper's presence.

The big wolf just snorts and shakes his head in annoyance, and all the tension goes out of him as he regards the group. ~Yes,~ he growls at Bel, ~She had a collar on her neck. It was tight, and it was hurting her. I tried to clean her wounds, but she ran first. Come.~ He turns and starts to walk slowly off into the forest. ~I will show it to you.~

Bel looks at Tariq at his question, and she notes, "Nadie quiere un incidente." Which is to say, she thinks they have a good chance of talking him out of killing things. This time. And as it plays out and Jason takes off, Bel looks after him for a moment before whispering dryly to Tariq, "Podria haber tomado un solo bocado." But then she turns her attetion back to Asunder and nods to his offer. "Thank you, that would be a big help," she says as she moves to follow him.

Tariq lifts a hand, palm up in that supposed universal sign of peace… only to facepalm with the ragabash's placating phraseology. And let's be honest, he's also hiding the amused smile behind his fingers when Bel replies. Tariq sobers when there's mention of a collar, casting a glance to Bright-Eyes' neck and then back to the kin. He's about to say something but doesn't as Phoenix leads them off into the forest to find the offending object.

Bright-Eyes lets out a soft sigh of relief, tail starting to twitch a little in the direction of a wag. She trembles slightly at the near miss and shakes herself off, head low as she follows. Tariq gets a look at her bare neck, though the fur is starting to grow back! And the telltale silver burn has scabbed over and is healing! She'll be a whole wolf again in no time.

Still, they're heading off toward the collar and she skitters up closer to Sky to sniff at his heels. ~Thank you, Tears-the-Sky-Asunder-rhya,~ she says, apparently having picked up the honoriffic from Jason. ~What's a ragabash?~

~An asshole,~ Tears-The-Sky-Asunder replies sardonically, taking long, slow strides as he leads them further into the forest. He turns a baleful look towards Tariq. ~How can she have been with others and not know the auspices yet?~

Bel can't help it, Asunder's answer makes her laugh. It's a brief sound, like an amused bark, fittingly. "She's only been with us a few days. I think she's learning about the ragabash first hand, though."

Where Bel lets out a short laugh, Tariq clears his throat to keep from echoing the kin's sound. "We have as many questions are you do," he covers, stepping beside Bright-Eyes as the wolf gets closer to the giant ahroun. "And there is no need to rush in our search for the answers to them."

~Trouble-rhya was trying to teach me, but…~ Bright-Eyes trails off, slowing to a stop for a moment before trotting after him again. ~I think… I blacked out? I don't remember.~ She chuffs softly and sniffs at a passing plant. ~Wait, someone called me a ragabash once!~ And she's all sad and offended now. She's not an asshole! :C

~Gaia help her, then,~ Asunder says to Bel, his tail swaying in very slight amusement. He gives Tariq a sideways look as the man walks alongside him, and the big wolf gives a low chuff. ~The sooner you get your answers, the sooner you are off my territory. That is enough reason for me to hurry.~ And yet he still ambles. "Hurry" must mean a different thing to a lupus.

Bright-Eyes' remark makes the big Ahroun chuff in amusement. ~No, you are not. Ragabash are the new moons of the Garou. Like I am a full moon. It means he is a trickster and a thief by nature. Trouble-yuf is just moreso than most.~

"Of course. We don't wish to overstay our welcome," Bel says, and looks over at Tariq with a shake of her head. Freaking chillax star children. She keeps her pace in time with the Ahroun, though she might seem more eager to get this done than the others. "You'll learn about all the moons, Chicha, and the tribes, too. Maybe we'll be able to find out what you were born to, too. If not, I believe there's a whole ritual to ask the spirits to sort of… adopt you." She looks to Tariq, her expression questioning this time.

Tariq turns his eyes up to the canopy of densely grown trees only to remark, "Yes don't worry. Each one of us is like so. The trees grow close, but they do not bully each other. Auspices, named for the moon we were born under, let us grow in our own way. Each of us spreads out, and together we cover the spaces the others do not." Freakin' Star Children indeed! When he 'comes back down to earth', Tariq blinks at Bel and bobs his curly-haired head in a nod. "We'll see what they say. I have a good feeling."

Bright-Eyes takes all of this in with a good-natured wag, looking between them. ~So you don't know what my 'auspice' is?~ she asks, garbling the word a little. ~But we can find out?~ She lopes forward again. ~I hope I'm a good moon. I want to be helpful. Even if I'm still a lost wolf.~

The way Bright-Eyes bounces about seems to be the first thing to get anything like a smile out of Asunder. However much wolves can smile, that is. ~Let us hope, little one. If you can speak to the spirits for her sake, Light-Chaser-yuf…~ Tears-The-Sky-Asunder pauses, and sighs. ~I would be grateful.~

The ahroun leads them up to a boulder, probably a good 500 pounds. He braces his head against it, and with a grunt, rolls it out of its shallow hole. Underneath, in a smaller divot, sits a sad, dirty, broken collar. The ahroun steps back and sits down. ~Take it. If it will help, it is better in your hands than in a hole in the forest.~

The collar is old, dirty leather — though what color it once was is now lost beneath dried blood, stuck fur, and grime. The inside of the collar is lined with a strip of silver which is also covered in blood and flesh and fur. Dangling from the D-ring, there's a dented, pitted, rusted tag that's missing pieces, and while there was a name on it once, all that can be read now is "Lul" — maybe "Lula"? "Lulu"?

"Oh my god, Tariq," Bel says with a warm chuckle for the hippy child. But she turns to Bright-Eyes to note, "It'll be a good moon, because it'll be yours. Don't worry. We can definitely find out." She watches the Ahroun with a tilt of her head as he moves a giant freaking boulder, but she's also the first to come peer into the divot when he steps back. And she's also the one pick it up, because she's the one here who isn't allergic to silver. But, instead of just grabbing it, the kin pulls out a thin glove and a large evidence bag that she cracks open. Call it habit. She takes the collar with a gloved hand and slides it into the bag before sealing it up. Blood, fur, grime, it's all Evidence. "If we find who did this to her," she says to the ahroun, "you want to hear about it?" She's maybe not saying outright that she's giving the garou killing rights before she takes any legal action, but that's what she's saying. If you know what I'm saying.

"What? What did I say?" Tariq replies with a shrug of his shoulders. He has a smile right back for the kin's answer to the fawn wolf's question. "And always good to listen to the kin," he comments offhandedly as he watches Phoenix roll the huge boulder aside. The theurge's eyebrows twitch up and he approaches after Bel to also look down into the divot. The flash of sunlight against the moon-metal pulls the man's lips into a straight, thin line. "Bel…" he starts, but doesn't push on the matter. Instead, he holds a hand out for the evidence bag with intent to look it over more closely.

When the collar is lifted up, Bright-Eyes shies away, backing up a few steps to peek from behind Sky's trunk-like legs. ~My moon,~ she agrees softly with Bel, averting her eyes. ~I don't like the thing. Get rid of it? Throw it away? Please.~ She flops on her belly, paws up over her muzzle with a little whine.

Asunder watches Bel with a flat affect, eyes tracking that collar warily. When Bel asks him that, his ears pin back and he shows his teeth. ~Only if you want that person dead before the next sunset.~ He licks his nose, schooling himself back to calm again. So much for subtlety.

~You're safe now, little Stink-Bug. You won't have to wear the collar ever again. But maybe someone else will…~

Bel passes the bag over to Tariq when he holds his hand out, even though she didn't get to fill out the form on the front, goooosh. Her eyes don't leave Asunder, though. "I'll keep it in mind." It's only then that she looks over to Bright-Eyes. "We're going to get rid of it, promise. You never have to see it again."

Taking the unmarked (sorry not sorry Bel) evidence bag, Tariq studies construction of the collar and the dented tag to glean what he can make of the name. "Lu… Lula?" But his tone changes from mild confusion to sympathy at the whine from the cub. "Sorry Chicha. Here." He passes the bag back to Bel, certainly not wanting to hang on to even that bit of silver. Turning back to the ahroun then, he dips his head in gratitude. "You have our thanks, brother. Should find yourself in need of a theurge, send word my way." The favor noted, he looks back to Bel and Bright-Eyes expectantly, now that they've gotten a few answers, but opened up a bunch more questions.

~I'm not a Stink-Bug, YOU'RE a Stink-Bug,~ Bright-Eyes teases Asunder easily. Still, one ear twitches at the name and she blinks slightly at Tariq, her paws falling away uncertainly to the ground. ~Wait, that… sounds familiar?~ she hazards hesitantly. She looks between the three companions, ears flicking back.

Asunder bows his head back to Tariq's offer. ~I thank you. If you are able to help little Stink-Bug, then I would offer a favor to you. If you ever have need of muscle at your back.~

He gives the first hint of a smile at Bright-Eyes' teasing, his tongue lolling out briefly. He reaches out and puts a paw on her back, easily pinning her to the ground. ~Stink-Bug.~ But when she seems to be remembering something, he lets go, staring at her expectantly.

When the bag comes back her was, Bel shoves it into her pack. Out of sight and all that. For the girl's sake. She doesn't jump into the negotiations between the wolves, but when the name rings a bell, Bel (haha) looks over at Bright-Eyes. "Lula? Was that your name?" She looks to Tariq, her smile turning a little crooked, "It's no Chicharronita, but."

There's just something about seeing the giant ahroun playing with the smaller cub that gets Tariq to smile. The smile gives way to a curious, studying look right back at Bright-Eyes when she gets that twinge of familiarity. "There may have been more. The tag was broken, dented," he notes slowly, exchanging looks with the kin. "It's no Bright-Eyes either. But more importantly…" He trails, waiting to see if the wolf pulls up anything from memory with the hint.

Suddenly all eyes are on her. Bright-Eyes quails a little, scrambling to her feet after Asunder's thumping paw. She looks ashamedly up at the two humans, then back down to the ground. Then up at Asunder, then down to the ground. ~I… I don't know,~ she says, suddenly doubtful. ~Maybe? Maybe I'm imagining it. I— I don't know. I'm sorry. I'm wasting your time.~

Asunder snorts at Bel. ~I prefer Lula,~ he says, sounding it out with his ponderous wolf tongue, ~Easier to say.~

He lets out a slow breath, leaning down to lick at the top of Bright-Eyes head, right between her ears. ~The answers will come soon. Just keep looking.~

Bel gives Asunder a crooked smile at his observation and can't help but note, "You mean to tell me that between wolf speak, mother's tongue and english, you garou can't roll your Rs yet? Shameful." But her expression softens when she looks over to Bright-Eyes. "You're not wasting anyone's time, Chicha. Like Tariq was saying, there's no rush. We'll get there."

"Hey now, speak for the otherrrs," Tariq protests mildly, teasingly as he rolls his 'r's just fine thank you very much. He stretches his arms upward above his head to look unbothered and at ease for the cub's sake, and adds, "And besides, now we have Bel on the case, just as good a hunter as the rest of us." There's a pause before he adds, with a sidelong glance to the ahroun, "in her own ways."

Bright-Eyes sighs at the little lick (big lick?) and the encouragement of the others, and at last her tail wags a little again. ~Thank you, Bel-rhya, Light-Chaser-rhya, Forest-Smell-rhya,~ she says with a wolfish smile, tongue lolling. ~I will try extra hard to remember and help and learn. Even if I am just a small wolf.~ Wag wag.

Asunder stares at Bel. ~What does that mean, rolling your Rs? I've heard of rolling your dinner and rolling your own, but never rolling your Rs.~

He stares at Tariq when her demonstrates, leaning in and growling. ~Like that?~ His tail thumps against the ground.

~This one knows you will, Stink-Bug.~ He looks back to the others. ~You should have everything you need to get started. Report back to me when you have any leads. Especially when they involve someone who needs to be killed.~

"You're a special case," Bel says to Tariq with a little smile. But when Asunder tries, she tries very hard not to laugh. "El es de Gringolandia, si?" That is also to Tariq. But to Asunder, she notes, "Practice makes perfect." Bright-Eyes gets a smile, a more genuine one. "You don't have to call me ryha, Chicha. Just Bel. And don't worry about being small, either." But to that point, she turns to look at the Ahroun. "And I should get our small wolf back to the sept house." And maybe collect their wayward Ragabash, but she leaves that part out.

Considering the growling 'R' that comes out of Asunder sounds like an idling muscle car's engine (can we say HEMI), Tariq just breaks out into a smile instead of explaining. "You'll get it," he encourages of the big wolf. "No lo se pero no quiero que me bocado," he replies around said smile. He scrubs at the space between Bright-Eyes' ears, and lifts a hand to gesture the farewells for the pack.

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