Urchin Hunting

Title: Urchin Hunting
Date: August 22nd, 2748
Characters Appearing:

Summary: Jason meets Amber and Jason and Amber meet Dreamy and her ragtag gang of urchins.

It's a warm night in Bloodstone Gulch, the desert town still radiating heat from the blisteringly hot day. The road down the middle of town that delineates the dirty bandit rats from the clearly upstanding citizens of the town is empty at this time of night … except for at least one person.

The slim figure of Amber Fanin slides conspicuously across, tip-toeing almost, to the Bad Side of Town. Her heart is pounding, her hand fumbling compulsively in her pocket. She doesn't belong here, and it's clear … but she's stubborn, and by golly, she's doing it anyway.

The bad side of town certainly seems more interesting. The local saloon is hopping, judging from the noise inside. There's yells, laughter, dancing… or maybe that thumping is running? Or maybe it's—
That line of thought, dear reader, is answered quickly as a body flies through the saloon doors and Jason lands on his back, skidding a few meters before rolling backwards, and finally coming to rest, still and unmoving in the middle of the street.
"I'm gonna kill him!" comes a yell from inside the saloon, "I'm gonna kill that no-good, cheating, lying sonnuva bitch!"

The tense Amber staggers in surprise, yelping before clamping her mouth shut again. She skitters behind the nearest building. No, no need to get involved. This is not her fight. … And yet, that dude's not moving. … She keeps an eye on the saloon doors, hoping they don't bust open again as she creeps carefully toward the guy.

She makes it all the way over to him, but he's still laying there completely still. She can see he's a dark-haired young man in a leather jacket and beat up jeans. He has a big welt on his cheek and his eyes are closed. She'd have more reason to be worried if she couldn't smell the Wolf just pouring off of him.
She's practically on top of him when one of his eyes pops open, looking up at her. "Don't move," he hisses quietly, "His vision is based on movement."
After he says this, the hulking form of a man who's half-muscle, half-beer guy shoves the saloon doors open, glaring out into the darkness. "Where are ya, Bard?? I'm gonna shove that smart mouth of yours right up your own ass!"

She creeps closer… and closer …… and halts, grimacing. Ah, shit. Another Garou. And here she'd been so good avoiding them. But her worry is replaced by confusion as the young man whispers to her — and then mild alarm as his adversary appears on the scene. She stays as carefully still as she can, peering down at the bruised young man under her newsie cap, her hair all bundled up beneath to keep it out of the way — making her boyish in appearance. She squints. "What'd you do, anyway?" she whispers.

That singular eye squints up at Amber, not able to see well in the dark twilight, but his nostrils do flare, and she sees the flash of a smile from him. "Just a little cheating at cards. Really, he should have seen it coming. It's his fault."
"I can hear you out there, you little turd!" the man bellows, still squinting into the dark street as his eyes try to adjust, taking slow steps down the stairs.

People who don't belong are obvious in a place that paints such folk with big targets. Surely one doesn't come to a place like Bloodstone without knowing its reputation. Or at least being warned where not to wander. Some folks get away with a short visit and a quick scurry back to safer places. Some folk end up scampering back a little lighter of pocket. Some folk get blackjacked into a gutter, or worse…

Like tonight, where some fool apparently went and ticked off a bunch of tavern-dwellers bad enough to get roughed up. That guy is a 'target'. That girl, who's now apparently checking to see how he is? Yeah, that's a target too. A shortish figure in a dirty green hoodie watches from around the building's corner, just tucked in a darker alley shadow. She's not alone. There's two other figures, shorter than her but not by much, in similar hoodies. Their hoods are pulled up, hers is down, as is the way of things. She's watchful, because there could still yet be a fight. A fight would lead to someone possibly getting knocked out. Knocked out folk are notoriously easy to lift a wallet from. Just a pair of green eyes peeking around a corner, that's all.

She snorts in amusement and shakes her head slightly. "Let me guess," she whispers. "Ragabash?" Then she stands, oblivious to their newest watchers as she approaches the aggressive man. "Excuse me, sir," she says, tipping her head up. "I've been looking for a young man, about six feet tall, dark hair. Have you seen him?"

The angry bar patron stops at the bottom step of the saloon, right before the dusty street, and peers at the woman calling to him out of the darkness. "Hmmm, I just threw one like that out on his pasty white ass, in fact. And I'm gonna get my money out of his ass, too. What of it?" he says, with a snarl.
Jason's open eye goes wide, flicking up to Amber. "What are you doing??" he hisses, "You can't talk to him like he's a normal person!"
"It'll just confuse him! And he gets angry when he gets confused!"

It's an interesting scene unfolding. There's opportunity. But the shortish lass isn't too keen on watching a fight break out. She starts to scoot back out of sight, when both of the other hoodies give her a firm nudge from behind. She gasps a quiet breath, flails, and stumbles out of the alleyway, pitching forwards into the dirt with a light scuff of dust. For a moment she just…lays there, quietly pulling her hood over her head as though embarrassed that she'd 'tripped' like that, peeking up just enough to keep an eye on the scene unfolding, lest she become the Big Man's target for having moved so uh, suddenly.

"Oh, yes, he owes me too," Amber says. She is not very good at this. "Oh! There he is! I see him running! QUICK, AFTER HIM!!!" She points! And realizes there's a kid in the way. She yelps. "Errrr, no, wait, THAT WAY!" Slightly different trajectory!

The angry gambler's eyes follow Amber's pointing finger, and his eyes and nostrils both go wide when he sees a figure stumble into the dust. "THERE YOU ARE, BARD!" he bellows, starting to lumber off towards the poor girl, pulling a revolver out of his hip holster as he goes. "I'M GONNA TAKE MY PAY OUT OF YOUR HIIIIIIII—oof!"
The man gets only a few steps down the road before Jason's foot sneak out, catching him by the ankle and sending him into a belly flop onto the road with a loud WHOMP!

The big man trips and goes crashing to the ground! The hoodie-clad girl winces at the fall, but knows an opening when she sees one. She's quick enough to get up out of the dirt and run, away from the alley and directly over the fallen giant, using him like she might a vaulting horse to get past and skid her way to another alley, pressing herself against the side to seem as small as she dare be in those other shadows.

The other two hoodie-wearers watch this, but don't really make their presence known. If one could look in, there would be the distinct feeling that they'd be face-palming right about now.

Amber squeaks a little when the man goes down, and she gives the street urchin a somewhat panicked look of relief. Good! You're not dead! Probably. And that's about as far as her Wild and Crazy Ambitions take her, because she grabs the thing in her pocket and throws it down, shouting, "SCATTER!"

Where it hits, greenery bursts from it, exploding out into flowers and grass and leaves and even small trees. She bolts toward the girl, aiming for home free!!

But before she can get far, a big meaty hand grabs her ankle and she falls hard on the ground, knocking her prone.

Jason lets out a breath of relief when the gambler goes down for the count, but it's followed up by a series of yelps when suddenly there's a girl leaping over him, greenery exploding everywhere, and suddenly Amber falls to the ground beside him, the gambler's hand around her ankle.
"Sonnuva!" he yells, leaping to his feet with surprising agility, and swinging a hard kick that catches the gambler right in the nose. Blood spurts all over his tennis shoe as the man cries out, letting go of Amber to clutch at his face. "C'mon, c'mon!" Jason yells, grabbing Amber's arm and helping to yank her upright, dragging her in the direction the little urchin ran.

The green-hooded lass doesn't get much of a chance to breathe before coming to the (potentially wrong) realization that she's being chased. Explosions of greenery and people running her way don't help that image any! Green eyes widen and she gives a hitch of breath in a gasp as she turns tail, quick to get dashing back down the alleyway, taking a small jump at a link fence marking one property from another. Beyond is another alley, practically a twisting labyrinth of them, the perfect sort of place for the chasee to lose chasers!

Amber is dragged to her feet, running as fast as her feet can carry her. And the urchin is running too, that's good! Right? Maybe? This has turned very topsy turvy. And she's wasted her bomb. Darn it. "Where are we going?" she asks, stumbling over her own feet.

"I have no idea!" Jason yells, glancing back at the gambler who's struggling towards his feet, having to fight the clasping vines that are wrapping around his arms, torso, neck. He doesn't let go of Amber's arm, dragging her into the alley that the urchin went down, smiling when he sees her vault the chain link fence.
"There!" he calls, and lets go of Amber's arm to run towards the alley wall, run up it at an angle, and sling a leg easily over the fence. He reaches down, offering a hand out to the redhead. "Hurry up!"

The green-clad girl lands in a crouch, glances back just in time to see Jason pretty easily ascend to the top of it. She blinks wide eyes, that's not a good sign! She has to book it! Off she goes again, running off one direction in those back alleys, spinning and skidding as she attempts to round a corner a little too quick and having to spend a moment to right herself to take off again.

Amber gapes as Jason just leaps over the fence like that. She looks back over her shoulder and then takes a jump toward him, legs flailing, hands grasping, trying to hold on tight. She's got a good grip, but her maneuverability is certainly lacking. He's going to have to pull her over. "Hey, the kid is getting away!" she yelps. Not because they're chasing her, but because the kid seems to have a better idea of how to navigate this area than they do!

"That's it! C'mon! Up!" Jason chances a glance over his shoulder when Amber calls out, and he frowns. "Well, crap. She probably knows where to go better than we do. Kid, wait up!"
Turning back to Amber, he gives her a determined frown as he hauls on her as hard as he can. Which is pretty hard, it seems, as he pulls her all the way over the fence, and they both go tumbling to the ground on the other side, with her on top of him.

Wait up? Are they crazy? That's what all the chasers say! Wait up! We won't hurt you! We just want to ask a few questions like WHERE DID MY WALLET GO!

Well she's gone. Around the corner, sneaker steps fading, that's the last anyone'll ever see of this little urchin!

The two other hooded kids though, they run by just a couple seconds later, slowing down to blink at Jason and Amber in their pile. They pause, glance at each other, as though they weren't sure whether to offer help or keep running.

"WhooaWHOA!" Amber cries as she topples onto Jason, sending them both into a pile. As boyish as she looks with her hair tucked under her hat, her, uh, figure is not so boyish up close and personal. She blushes furiously and pushes off of the other Garou, staggering to her feet. And when the other kids are staring, she just crams her hat down tighter on her head. "Come on," she mutters to Jason. "We gotta catch up if we're not gonna get lost."

Jason groans on the ground, dazed for the moment from the knock his head made with the dirt. He blinks up at the boy… no, girl on top of him, and a grin spreads across his face. "Oh, hel-LO. You have beautiful ey—Ooof!" He's stopped short as she shoves her hands into his chest, and he rubs at his ribs with a small pout. "What?" He glances at the empty lot behind him and swears quietly, "Dammit. Alright, c'mon!" He's up on his feet in a flash, grabbing for Amber's hand and taking off in whatever vague direction the urchin ran off in.
Why? Why not!

"Lost?" one of the hooded shorts-kids chirps. "If ya didn't wanna get lost, ya shouldnuh hopped the fence. This place ain't safe."

"Yeah, s'our tur-" the other kid starts to say, when the first kid gives him a brief elbow to the gut. "…rm..s'our backyard. Oy! I wouldnuh go that way!"

The two kids look at each other again, if Jason and Amber insist on running, why they'll be more than happy to run along with the poor lost Garou! Offering helpful tips like, "That way!" "This way!" "Turn left!"

Though the first urchin is long gone, no doubt there's a hint of her scent left behind. These city kids don't exactly get a lot of chances to bathe, y'know. Funny thing, the urchin's path doesn't quite match the path of the two other hooded brats trying to guide Jason and Amber somewhere in this maze.

Amber flushes red. "Hey—" she squawks when Jason grabs her hand, but then it's too late. They're running, and the urchins are helping. But, being as aware as she is of social cues, it doesn't take long for her to slow to a stop and glance around. "They're taking us somewhere we're not intending to go," she says firmly. "I'm pretty sure the other one went somewhere else…" But where? Her nose is not terribly advanced.

Jason happily goes along with the urchins helping their retreat! He's running along with them, following the path left, right, left, left, right… But he's stopped as Amber slows, and he looks back at her urgently. "C'mon, we have to—what?" He pauses and looks around as well, blinking and squinting at the unfamiliar area. "Where, uh… where are we intending to go anyways?" he asks. He squints at the two urchins, and sniffs in their general direction.

As Jason and Amber slow, so do the two urchins behind them. Naturally cautious that their quarry have figured out the plan, they share a glance, and then speak up, "Well, you said you didn't wanna get lost, right?" Kid One pipes up.

"So we're goin' where ya won't get lost!" Kid Two concludes.

"It's just a little further up, one more corner an' you'll be there!" Kid One continues, grinning from under his hoodie.

"I thought we were following the other kid," Amber says to Jason, frowning. "…but I guess we didn't need to. I just wanted to make sure they didn't get hurt." She looks at the two urchins, grimacing thoughtfully. "…Hey. You kids eaten lately?"

"Oh really?" Jason asks, putting his hands on his hips and peering down at the urchins. "Where would that be?" But Amber's question gets a curious look from him. Huh? What's she getting at?

As mention of food is made and more scrutiny is put on their odd directions around the maze of back streets, both of the kids look like they might've just been admonished at Amber's words, and a little wary at Jason's. "Funny you should say that." Kid One says, making another, less enthusiastic motions down the alley they had been going, "We were leadin' ya home, cuz' food's there."

Kid Two nods hastily, "Yeah, food! An' backup!" Spoken before Kid One can quite apply another elbow. Kid Two seems to catch on to what he said though, adding in a sheepish tone, "In case we were bein' followed y'know? That big guy looked awful mean an' had a gun an' everything!"

Speaking of up ahead, apparently the noise of conversation has alerted someone to something or another. Or maybe this was just a regrouping place. Because a green hoodie peeks around the corner, bright green eyes blinking at the small group, going wide with a soft gasp at realizing just *who* is there, and ducking back around the corner.

Amber lifts her brows skeptically, folding her arms. "Food and backup, huh?" she asks drily, before she sighs. "Well, I was going to offer to get you guys something to eat, since I can't imagine it's easy on the streets. Buuuut, if you're already all set…" She pauses, peering into the gloom. "Hey! Kid! It's you! I'm offering to feed you too, if you want."

Jason folds an arm over his chest, hiding his smile behind his hand with the other. "Backup, you say? Good to know you have good data habits. Don't want to lose those spreadsheets to a power outage." He waves happily to the green hoodied girl, apparently thoroughly enjoying the current situation.

The pair of talkative kids blink at Jason. Of the three urchins, one gets the joke, though she doesn't exactly laugh at it. She's been spotted though, called out even, so she sighs and turns back around the corner, putting on her best (and almost-but-not-quite-genuine) smile. This is her 'working face'.

Both of the other kids stop for a second, One waves at the hoodie kid. "Oy Dreamy! We brought company! Y'remember'em? Uh, what were yer names again?"

Kid Two blinks at Kid One, "Thought their names were both Mark." he says in a confused half-whisper.

Dreamy, as she's been called, just barely avoids rolling her eyes at the other two, though she does shake her head and approach the two obvious adults close enough to offer a sort of curtsey in greeting.

Amber snorts in amusement. "I'm Eliza. Funny enough, his name *is* Mark." She grins at them, and then she offers an elegant curtsy in return to Dreamy. "Nice to meetcha, Dreamy. What are you two's names?"

"I prefer Marcus," Jason says, "But nice t'meetya anyways." He doffs his hat at her with a small bow. Then realizes he's not wearing a hat, and frowns at his hand. "Shit, lost my hat. Again." Siiiiigh!

Kid One blinks in surprise as Kid Two might've got something right. "He is?" he says, then jumps, "Oh of course he is. See, what'd I tell ya? He looked like a Mark a mile away." Then their names are asked and both the Kids straighten up to offer their names.

"I'm Smudge!" Kid One claims proudly.

"I'm Sludge." Kid Two says, then points beyond to Dreamy, "An' that's Dreamy. She don't talk none, but she understands real good."

Dreamy, meanwhile, seems intent on following up her curtsey with a slightly more genuine smile, because she does actually happen to like meeting people. When she isn't supposed to be distracting them. She also reaches into her hoodie pockets and produces a small notepad and a broken pencil, starting to write words down to show the two.

The words say: 'It's nice to meet you. You shouldn't be here.'

'Eliza' snorts in amusement as 'Mark' realizes he's lost his hat. "I'm sure we can recover your hat," she says, shaking her head. "Smudge, Sludge, and Dreamy. Nice to meet you three." And then Dreamy offers her notepad and she leans in to look. "Hah. Tell me something I don't know. Sorry, we didn't mean to intrude, truly we didn't. And I really am offering a meal if you guys need it, but otherwise… perhaps we should be on our way?"

"Well, I fucking hope so. It was a nice hat!" 'Mark' replies with a dramatic pout, running his hand through his black hair, like it's uncomfortable to be left uncovered.
Dreamy's smile get a sunny one from the young man, and he bows down to peer at the paper in her hand. He raises an eyebrow at her, and looks up at 'Eliza' as she makes her farewells. "Everybody likes a good, hot meal. I think the Feeding Trough even has its happy hour!"

As 'Eliza' and 'Mark' lean in, Smidge and Smudge do a thing. Namely they attempt a quick bit of pickpocketing. Because that was *their* job when a target is sufficiently distracted from them. Really only time to check one pocket, pass or fail they'll lean back and give the brightest of smiles.

If Dreamy's noticed what her cohorts are doing she's certainly not giving it away. She patiently waits for the few seconds it takes to read words and speak, seeming to consider, and then she scribbles another note to show the grown-ups:

'You seem nice. I can lead you out somewhere safe if you want. Legit safe. Wouldn't say no to a meal.'

(OOC) Amber: Okay, Jase, who wants to get pickpocketed :D

ROLL: Jason rolls: 1d2
ROLL: 1 = 1
(OOC) Jason: Guess that's me!
(OOC) Jason: I think they'll need to make a roll for pickpocketing. Probably Dex + Larceny? I wonder what I defend with…

"Oh, don't pout," 'Eliza' says with a smirk. "Here, you can wear mine if you want." She tugs her newsie cap off, handing it over to 'Mark' and letting her long red hair cascade down to her butt. How the hell did she hide all that under that little hat????

"Well, if the Feeding Trough has a happy hour, who am I to say no?" she laughs. "C'mon, Dreamy. I hate to see hungry kids on the street."

ROLL: Dreamy rolls: 4d10
ROLL: 1 + 3 + 1 + 5 = 10
(OOC) Dreamy pffff
(OOC) Amber: Oop :x lolol
(OOC) Dreamy blames Kid Two
(OOC) Amber: Let's see if Jason perceives it lolol
(OOC) Jason: HAH!

ROLL: Amber rolls: 4d10 DO I NOTIEC
ROLL: 2 + 1 + 3 + 9 = 15
(OOC) Amber gets one success haha

ROLL: Jason rolls: 5d10
ROLL: 10 + 6 + 5 + 9 + 1 = 31
(OOC) Dreamy nuuu
(OOC) Amber: Poor chilluns XD
(OOC) Jason: Either way, Jason isn't gonna stop him.
(OOC) Dreamy is pretty sure nobody is surprised.
(OOC) Jason XD

"Hey, neat! Thanks, Red!" Jason brightens up immediately when she puts the cap on his head, and he takes a noticeable amount of time adjusting it on his head. Plenty of time for Smudge to snatch his wallet out of his back pocket and secrete it away somewhere on his tattered outfit.
When Amber notices, Jason catches her eye and gives her a friendly wink. It's alright, he's got this. "Smidge? Smudge? Do you want a free meal tonight? The only rule at the Feeding Trough is that you need to be able to see over the bar. Though… maybe we should get Dreamy some stilts."

Dreamy makes a face as Jason suggests stilts. It's tough being short sometimes. Smidge and Smudge look all sorts of proud of themselves though, now torn between being greedy and getting food on top of their good fortune of someone's wallet, or of cutting their losses and calling it good to let their lure lead the marks out of danger. Smudge's even nodding his head while Smidge looks contemplative, eventually nudging Smudge with his arm and shaking his head.

"We really ought'a go." Smidge says, "Cuz' we got friends waitin' for us 'round that corner and you prob'ly don't got enuff to feed alla us."

Smudge sort of scuffs one sneaker at the dirty alley, "Yeah I s'pose. Dreamy can still go with ya though, she can't say nothin' so she don't hafta report nothin'." Smidge lets out a sigh, reaches up, and puts Smudge into a headlock, "Lemme do the talkin'!"

Dreamy, whlie Dumb and Dumber are trying to decline the polite offer, just scribbles out another note for when attention comes back her way: 'If you want to leave without losing anything else we should go.'

Amber inhales, eyeing the sneaking hand, about to say something — but Jason shakes his head, and she snaps her jaw shut, letting out a disapproving sigh. In the end, she just shakes her head. "Well, you guys report back. Dreamy, you're with us." She at least smiles at the note, reaching back to tie her long hair back. "…So, Mark, the Feeding Trough isn't where you were just forcibly ousted from is it?"
(OOC) Jason: Okay, so Jason is going to try to Pickpocket back. He also has a merit that makes it a normal roll, not a Contested roll.

ROLL: Jason rolls: 7d10
ROLL: 4 + 6 + 7 + 5 + 5 + 6 + 6 = 39
(OOC) Jason: Are you fucking kidding me
(OOC) Jason: He has a Larceny specialty of "Theft". So I think that means he gets an extra die?
(OOC) Amber: LOL!!!

ROLL: Jason rolls: 1d10
ROLL: 6 = 6
(OOC) Jason flips a table.
(OOC) Dreamy waves goodbye to the wallet

Jason laughs at the pair, and grabs one in each hand, separating them gently. "Alright, alright. You two make sure you get home safe, okay?" he says with a laugh, patting each on the back and snatching his wallet back.
Or he was trying to, but he can't find it! Shit, this kid is better than he thought. He flashes a worried look at Amber. Uhhhh, uh oh. "Huh? Oh, no, it's um… naw, that was the Greasy Spittoon. Too bad, they make some really good poutine."

Smidge and Smudge flash a thumbs-up at Jason, looking smug at each other. Dreamy makes a thin line with her lips, holds up one finger to Amber and Jason, and then steps sideways to poke the two other urchins. She reaches into her hoodie again, pulls out another wallet, and offers it to Smudge. When Smudge goes to take it, she jerks it back, narrows her eyes, and points at Jason. Smudge blinks. Then Smidge blinks. "Awww, Dreamy, do we hafta?"

Dreamy nods, dangles the other wallet over Smudge's head. "Oh fine…" Smudge says, brushing past Dreamy, but not lifting his head to look at Jason as he fishes around in his pants (!?) and pulls out Jason's wallet, holding it up while scuffing his sneakers. "Sorry mister. Gotta be careful down here, people drop stuff." he mumbles.

Smidge doesn't look happy either, but at least Dreamy is content enough to give them the wallet she'd snatched from the big ugly gambler way back when. At least they got one thing to take back! Never go back empty-handed, that's the rule!

Amber watches all of this and seems at least moderately mollified; and she smirks a little. "Yeah, we'd better be careful," she agrees wryly. "I'd hate to lose anything important. Thanks for the help, you three." She winks at Dreamy, though Jason's answer gets a grimace. "I… think I'll pass on eating at a place called the Greasy Spittoon. That… yeah. No, thank you."

When Smudge pulls out the wallet, Jason is looking like he's seriously considering whether he wants the wallet back or not. "Uh, yeah. Hey, thanks, kid. Good advice." He eventually plucks it out of Smudge's fingers with his finger and thumb, letting it dangle and air out a bit.
"Hey, your loss, Eliza," Jason says with a grin, "At least the Feeding Trough has a good deal on feedbags. You don't even need silverware!"

Smudge looks back at Dreamy for approval, whom nods with a satisfied smirk. She gives Smidge and Smudge the wallet she'd pilfered to compensate and then points towards the corner where the two boys swiftly scamper, lest they stick around to be further admonished and/or ridiculed for their theft.

Dreamy dusts her hands together, then tucks them back into her hoodie pockets, turning her head to regard Jason and Alex again. Now he's talking about feeding troughs. She pulls out her notepad and does the quickest little stick figure sketch of someone wearing a feedbag and a question mark, one eyebrow lifted as she lifts this picture at Jason as though confirming that's how he eats. Or likes to eat.

Amber just shakes her head after the boys and then looks to Dreamy… and then over at Jason with a smirk. "Feedbags, huh?" she asks. "That sounds… messy." She leans in to casually stagewhisper at Dreamy, "I bet he doesn't know *how* to eat with silverware."

"No see, that's the point! It's a feedbag, so there's no mess!" Jason says, sounding more and more excited. He looks between the two of them, and Dreamy's drawing. And his smile falls. "Oh, alright, fine. They also have normal plates and silverware. If you two want to be BORING." He rolls his eyes and sighs dramatically.

Dreamy takes this into consideration. She puts pencil to paper again, and next to the stick figure with the feedbag (upon whom she draws a fantastic feathered hat) there's a table, and two other smiling stickfigures with plates and forks. At least they could be forks. Either forks or fingers. They're stick figures darnit.

She actually rips that picture out of her notepad and passes it to Amber, then starts to walk down one of the alleyways, lips curled in half a smirk and one hand lifted in a 'follow me' sort of gesture. Totally the opposite way of where Smidge and Sludge scampered off to. Awaaaaay from the trap of many thieving children…

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