Post-Apocalyptic Twinkies

Title: Post-Apocalyptic Twinkies
Date: September 25, 2748
Characters Appearing:

Summary: Shenanigans go awry, but one wolf comes up on top.

A little subtle whispering goes unnoticed behind the front door to the Sept House. But what follows is hard to miss: A Glabro stomping into the room, looking distraught as all hell. "Help! Help! Someone, help! She needs a theurge!"

In his arms, carried like an over-large baby, is a full-grown wolf. Apparently something's wrong with her?

The wolf in question, fawn-furred and blue-eyed, looks baffled as the glabro stomps through the house. One ear twists, her tail wagging uncertainly.

Bel is the only one inside the house at the moment, taking up a chair and sitting sideways in it so her legs dangle off the arm. She seems to be reading something on her phone, but she's on her feet pretty quick at the call for help. Occupational hazard. "What's wrong?" she asks, but only takes a couple steps that direction, because once she sees them and interprets the wolf's confused expression, Bel mirrors it with confusion of her own and looks to Jason, questioningly. "There's… no theurge here. I could call one?" It's an uncertain query.

Jason's expression is distraught and panicked (perhaps a little too much), as he hurries towards Bel, holding the wolf out to her as if she's supposed to take it in her arms. Um no, wolves are heavy. "There's no time! Quick, go to the pantry! She's DYING!"

After a few moments of confusion, the wolf seems to remember that she's supposed to be doing something, and she lets out a bellowing howl of… I guess you might call it pain? Or maybe just a tone deaf dog singing along to country music. "BAWAAAAWWOOOOO WAAAAWWWAAHHH!!"

She might be a step behind, but Bel seems to catch on, and as the glabro holds the wolf out toward her, the kin crosses her arms and cocks out a hip. The stance of the disapproving. At least there's an induglent look on her face, as much as she might be trying to chide them both with a look. "Tell me this one isn't a raggie, too," she says, wryly.

"What?" Jason asks, trying to look affronted. Or is he supposed to be indignant? Panicked still? Yeah, okay, he goes with panicked, and sets his face in wide-eyed terror. "No! Yes? I don't know! Quick, Bel! You need to get her some Twinkies before she dies of hunger!" He cradles Tallulah close to his chest, looking down at her like a mother would at her dying child. But shooting quick glances at Bel from under his thick brows. Is she buying it?

And the wolf's ungodly howling tamps down into whimpers, big ol' blue eyes looking at Bel with hope and injury both. Though, from the way she glances at Jason, there's also the air of 'am I doing this right?'

The sharp-eyed kin might note the rather wide swath of bare skin around her neck, where a collar likely was, and a silver one too judging by the nasty aggravated burn that's still healing. The wolf doesn't seem too injured though; clearly she's doing okay if she's trying to con Bel out of Twinkies.

By the way her eyebrow lifts, she is not buying it. Bel fixes Jason with a Look, then turns her attention to the wolf. Her expression softens as she looks her over, catching those details, as she is quite keen-eyed. "If you want a twinkie, sweetheart, I'll get you one," she says, before straightening to look at Jason again. "You'll have to get your own." A harsh punishment, indeed. But she turns to cross to the kitchen, proving that, even if the ruse didn't go as planned, it turned out alright in the end.

Jason sags in visible relief when Bel acquiesces. "Oh, thank Gaia! Bel, you've just saved a l—what??" His relief turns to actual sincere shock. "Why not??" he protests, following Bel into the kitchen, Tallulah still in his arms. "C'mon, where's the gratitude for the selfless hero?"

~Yellow cake log cream snack!~ the wolf rumbles happily, tail starting to wag. ~Nice lady feeds the wolf!~ Her Mother's Tongue is certainly stilted but she seems to be getting on alright. Still, her enthusiasm isn't making it easy for Jason to hold onto her.

"I have a lot of gratitude for selfless heroes," Bel says, her tone implying that maybe she just doesn't see one present. She pulls out a twinkie and turns back to the pari as they cross into the kitchen. "That's right! You just remember who's nice around here," she says to Tallulah with a firm, but playful nod. And maybe she aims to make Jason's job of holding onto a squirmy wolf a little harder, because she holds the twinkie out in front of her and opens the package in a single, dramatic movement. She looks up at Jason, her eyebrows ticking upward. There might be a grin, even. Just a brief one.

"Ouch! My pride!" Jason groans, standing in the middle of the kitchen, trying to keep from dropping a squirming wolf. "Shot through the heart, and Bel's to… okay, woah, woah now, puppy!" When the Twinkie opens, Jason's job becomes 10 times harder, and he even gets muddy paw prints to the face. "Hold still! Stop… just… I'll put you down, just stop moving!"

!!!!! The wolf starts squirming in earnest, tail flailing in excitement as her jaw snaps at the air, far out of reach of the snack. ~SNACK SNACK SNACK!~ she howls, paws booting him in face and belly both. She will not stop or hold still for him to put her down. THERE ARE TWINKIES.

Bel can't help but laugh, even if she hides it behind a hand. The snack is opened up the rest of the way and Bel lays out out on the wrapper like it were a clear, plastic plate. She is very aware that those teeth belong to a wolf, after all.

"Pup, no, don't… I can't… AUGH!" Jason goes for a grab, trying to readjust his grip on her to keep her up, but a lunge throws him off-balance. He wobbles and twists in mid-air, but it only results in him landing hard on his back, with the wolf on top of her. The impact makes the floor shake, and Jason glares up at Bel with a groan. "I hate you."

But the wolf doesn't hate Bel :D She goes for the twinkie and scarfs it up, tail wagging a mile a minute before she snuffles up to Bel and licks her hands. ~Yum!! Yellow cake log cream snack! I am grateful!~ And then she's snuffling around on the floor for any other treats she can find. Thankfully, that leaves Jason some room to get up.

Leaning on the counter, Bel looks down at Jason, her smile gentle, but teasing. "You don't, either," she says to him. Maybe he'll feel better once the wolf is off him. She reaches down to ruffle Tallulah's fur. "You're welcome."

Jason groans when she finally hops off him, and he shrinks slowly down to homid form as he holds his ribs dramatically. But through all that, he smiles up at Bel, giving her a wink. "No, I don't, either. How've you been, Bel?" For all his drama, he spins upright easily, rising to his feet and brushing himself down. "Caught any bad guys lately?"

And the wolf snuffles around a little more, though Bel's ruffle certainly makes her rumble happily. She finally yawns and stretches, flopping down on the floor to lick her paws clean. Her ears perk at the conversation, tail thumping again. ~More food?~ she asks hopefully, ears flicking.

"You know, busy. Just how I like it." Bel is somewhat notorious for having very little freetime, on both sides of her life. Maybe someone ordered her to take a day off today. At the latter question, though, she makes a pft sound. "All day, every day." Might be a bit of an exaggeration, as there has to be room for paperwork somewhere in there. Digital paperwork. Screenwork. There's a glance to the wolf at her question, then Bel looks back to Jason. His turn to feed her, apparently. "How long has she been around?"

Jason grins, raising an eyebrow and slipping his hands in his pockets. "Still? I figured with you here, the force had forced you to take a day off, finally. Or did you discover someone's been smuggling bootleg beanie babies under the floorboards, and you're just here to investigate?" He stop on the linoleum for dramatic effect.

When the wolf noses at his foot, Jason grabs two Twinkies from the bag, unwrapping one to hold out to her. "I just found her yesterday, actually. Fighting a crab on the beach, and losing. Poor girl doesn't know who she is or where she's from. I really thought amnesia like that only happened in the movies."

~Beans?~ she asks, when Jason mentions beanie babies. But then he's offering her another Twinkie and she scarfs it down excitedly. As the conversation turns toward her, she chuffs in affirmation. ~Wake up, scrounging for food in big city,~ she explains. ~No name, no home, no family. Just me.~

"They might have told me that I had too many vacation days saved up and needed to use some." Maybe just one, but it's something. Bel looks over to the wolf as he explains and as the wolf herself explains, and a frown comes over her features. "Poor thing. Well, you don't need to scrounge anymore. We're all going to do what we can to help you." When her attention turns back to Jason, she tilts her head some. "Are you thinking something spiritual had a hand in it?" Since this is not the movies.

Jason's jaw drops and he slaps his hands against his cheeks. "Mein gott! Belen Mejia, taking a vacation day?? I though the apocalypse had already come and gone! Are we set for ANOTHER end of days??"

When Bel asks about the wolf, Jason just shrugs broadly. "Perhaps? Spirits aren't really my bag. I wanted to snag a shaman, but they're all off on a spiritual retreat or some shit, I guess." He reaches down to idly scratch at the wolf's ears. "Supposedly she'd met another mean Garou out in the woods previously. Any idea who that could be?"

She leans into the scritches, a low happy sound in her throat. But when he mentions the 'other Garou,' she pulls away, offended. ~Not mean! Just mad. Forest-Smell was very nice. But mad I don't hunt.~ She huffs softly, ears planing slightly before she lays her head back on her paws. Sigh.

"Shush," Bel says to Jason's shock, "Only because they made me. We'll just see how they did without me, though, won't we?" Probably fine, really. But. "I'm sure one of them will be around sooner or later. I'm not sure where they hang out when it's auspice only." She looks down at the wolf, taking in her addition before she looks back to Jason. "I'm not sure. The woods aren't my usual stomping grounds. You need a pair of eyes to go check it out?"

Jason grins at Bel. "I'd appreciate it! I don't usually go looking for trouble intentionally," he says with a wink, "Trouble just ends up finding me."

He glances down at the wolf and back up to Bel, eyebrows raised. "Mad that she wouldn't hunt. That sure narrows it down, huh?" He kneels down to the wolf, gingerly petting her scruff. "Think you can take us to him?"

Her ears twist a little and she looks uncertain. ~I dunno if he'd like it… he has a pack. Good pack. Not man-wolf like him. Just wolf-wolf, like me.~ Someday she will be convinced otherwise. Probably. ~But… he did take the neck-thing off… Maybe he will be okay with visitors?~

"Isn't Trouble your middle name?" Bel asks with so much sincerity that she just has to be teasing him. She turns to the wolf, though, her head tilting some. "Well, that was good of him, to take off the collar. And you don't have to show us right now, but if you ever feel up to it." And back to Jason, she adds, "If there's anything you need for her, you know. Let me know."

"Hey!" Jason wags a finger at Bel severely, "No peeking at my birth certificate! That's purely confidential!" He rubs at his chin thoughtfully. "I was wondering about the collar. Do you think it has a nametag or something on it? Though Gaia knows why someone would collar a Garou like a regular dog. Unless they were looking to be killed horribly."

At the offer, Jason flashes her a charming grin. "Actually, since you've finally got the night off… There's a wicked cool band playing in Larimar tonight. Wanna go grab some drinks and arrest underage drinkers?"

~There was a dangle thing. Is that what you mean?~ Though she huffs. ~I am wolf-wolf,~ she insists. ~But… I will maybe go find him myself, and ask permission. Or maybe ask him to come to here?~ She cants her head, puppylike, then yawns and stretches out, flopping over. ~Have fun, I sleep.~

"Too late," Bel says, spreading her hands helplessly. "I wonder about the collar, too. It would be worth… looking into." Someone who would collar garou, probably not a good person. And Bel does so love to catch bad guys. She looks over at the wolf, but permissions and such are a think she leaves to the furry side of the family. But Jason gets her attention and she smiles crookedly, "Yeah, let's do it. I haven't got to arrest anybody all day."

"Hah! Excellent! I'll call ahead and tell Greg to put on some pants before he takes the stage this time." Jason claps his hands once, excitedly, rubbing them together.
"Hey, good news, sounds like there's a dog tag!" Jason ruffles the wolf's ears. "Alright, you sleep off the Twinkie coma. I'm gonna find how much booze they have left socked away in this house."

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