Crab Battle

Title: Crab Battle
Date: September 23, 2748
Characters Appearing:

Summary: Jason and Dreamy meet a new wolf on the beach.

"How's the head?" Jason asks Dreamy as they stroll along the beachfront, leaving the Sept House in the distance. Over Jason's shoulder, the bridge leading back to the mainland stretches off over the water, an enormous landmark against the rolling greenland of Lazuli.
"I've never known anybody who got infected with wolfyness before. Maybe headaches are common?" the dark-haired man says, shrugging. He's traded out his sneakers for sandals, his coat for just a thin t-shirt, and his pasty white Irish legs are sticking out from under cargo shorts.
Dreamy has been dressed in fresh clothing as well (her old ones were pretty shredded), and she's sporting a pretty white dress meant for a girl half her age, and some flip flops. She's also been lent a tablet, the better for typing out her thoughts, hopefully.
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Strong and lean, but small and almost dainty, this young wolf radiates gentle energy and playfulness. Her coat is a soft fawn color mixed with a cream underbelly, with fur that has only recently been cleaned and probably needs a good deal of mats brushed out. Her eyes are the pale blue of a winter sky, her nose a chocolate brown.

Around her neck, there's a ridge of bare, furless flesh still healing where a collar was once embedded. Though the surface wounds have healed, the aggravated chemical burn speaks to long-term silver exposure.
Huh? (Type "help" for help.)
Strong and lean, but small and almost dainty, this young wolf radiates gentle energy and playfulness. Her coat is a soft fawn color mixed with a cream underbelly, with fur that has only recently been cleaned and probably needs a good deal of mats brushed out. Her eyes are the pale blue of a winter sky, her nose a chocolate brown.

Around her neck, there's a ridge of bare, furless flesh still healing where a collar was once embedded. Though the surface wounds have healed, the aggravated chemical burn speaks to long-term silver exposure.
Tallulah has looked at you.

Dreamy in a dress. She never would've guessed that would ever happen. Nevermind it's meant for someone not as old as her, not that she's all that old to begin with. The flip-flops are alright, though once in a while she does stumble over the general lack of foot support and all. Hey, sneakers are /important/ when running for ones life is a daily occurrence.

Jason mentions headaches, and Dreamy favors him with a look somewhere between a pout and a pitiful expression, apparently still not completely impressed with the idea of being 'infected' with anything. Let alone things that give her headaches of all things. Thankfully she has this tablet thing! So she can…type. Touchscreens are a hell of a thing. At least it saves on paper. She taps out a message and holds the tablet up!

'If wolfs have headaches all the time that explains the growlyness. Also I'm not a wolf yet! Maybe my head just hurts because someone tried to rip it open?' After all she hasn't /changed/ yet, right? Maybe that whole potential wolf smell is just…not…?

Jason winces when she gives him that look. "Ah, sorry. I don't know of any Pain Killer spirits, or I'd try to hook you up." He kicks a rock down the beach, letting it skitter ahead before they catch up to it again and he repeats the process. He squints at the tablet, turning it a little so it's not reflecting the sun. He flashes her a toothy smile. "Hah! Yeah, being on the receiving end of Garou fury will fuck you up. Though I would say a headache is a best case scenario. And trust me, there's nothing 'not' about it. You are absolutely family now."
He crouches down, snatching up a rock and weighing it in his hand. "To be honest, I'm not really sure what to make of it. The only kinfolk I've known were ones that were born into it." He tosses that rock side-hand, sending it skipping over the white-capped waves. He looks at Dreamy and shrugs. "I guess… ask me questions?"

Down the beach, something moves. It's — a wolf! And one Jason doesn't recognize. Its fawn-colored fur had blended in well with the sand but now that it's moving, it's easy to spot as it sniffs at the sand, then skitters back. Then sniffs again, then skitters away again.

As they get closer, they might see that the wolf is having a battle of chicken, so to speak, with a hermit crab who's waving its pinchers menacingly as the wolf paws at it then jumps and backs up again, tail wagging lightly.
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Dreamy makes another distasteful face. Family. She had a family! Granted they were kind of a messed up family… That expected her to steal for her supper. And stuff. But still. FAMILY! So of course right now she's a little grumpy about the thought that she's now some kind of 'special case'. She was already a special case, too, and it's still not in a way she appreciates much.

All of which just means she's Grumpy McQuietdress right now, squinting at Jason, then to her tablet, pondering a question to ask, and then…MOVEMENT!

Dreamy blinks, tilts her head, and points out at the beach. Because puppy! Or at least, not big intimidating wolf! Gosh they sure look a lot less threatening when they aren't hulking monsters of total doom and destruction.

Jason skips another rock, and takes a moment to realize she's pointing. He follows her finger, and he is taken aback at A Random Wolf out on the beach. He frowns. "Is that… Bruce? What's he doing out here? And is he…" He puts a hand over his eyes, squinting at the distance figure. "Is he fighting a chicken?"
The Ragabash grins, cupping his hands over his mouth and calling out, "HEY BRUCE! Having problems?"

Dreamy lifts an eyebrow and just kinda..stares at Jason for a long moment. She types up a quick message:

'Pretty sure it's a crab. Last I checked chickens don't have shells and claws.'

The wolf sniffs at the crab and then yelps as Jason addresses her. Or, maybe that's because as she scampers back, there's a crab hanging off her nose. She shakes her head quickly, tangling over her own paws and falling ass over teakettle onto her back. Her legs are windmilling, paws flailing. This is as far as you can get from an intimidating warbeast.
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Dreamy doesn't wait for Jason to read her oh-so-scathing witty commentary. It's probably better that way. She does stick her tongue out at him for a moment, then tucks the tablet device under her arm and ever so carefully begins picking her way down from the bridge to the sands, approaching the poor downed crab-snapped wolf-type. Y'know. To offer a helping hand. To 'family'.

"Yikes, Bruce, got a chicken on your nose again? That su— wait… how is a chicken staying on your nose?" Jason calls, following Dreamy down, curiously making his way towards the hapless creature. He stays behind her though, letting her take the lead here.

By the time Dreamy gets there, the wolf has flopped over onto her side and is nudging sadly at the creature still on her nose. She whines at it, sneezes at it, and even tries to rub it against the sand. But that crab is very upset!

The newcomers, however, catch her attention and she scampers up to her paws to face them. She looks slightly wary, but the tentative wag of her tail keeps her from looking too fierce. Well, that and the crab still clinging to her nose.

Dreamy gets to look concerned now! She glances back at Jason with a total 'wtf' expression. Still on that whole chickens thing. She shakes her head, and hands her tablet to him for the moment so she can have her hands free, turning back to the Tentatively Timid wolf.

She crinkles her nose, crouches down and just holds out one hand to the crab-bitten wolf, offering a smile!

Jason is looking pretty WTF as well, staring in confusion at that wolf. "That's not Bruce… I don't know who that is," he says, quiet enough for Dreamy to hear. He doesn't sound worried, though. Because honestly, who could be worried of that?
He's just lost in bafflement for a bit, and it takes him a moment to take the tablet from Dreamy. "Man, how did you even get into this mess?" he asks with a grin at the wolf, hidden behind a hand.

The wolf cants her head toward Jason, uttering with perfect, if gutteral clarity, Bruce? But then she's distracted by Dreamy and she sniffs at the girl hesitantly, her tail wagging a little more. And then she gives the most pitiful look, whining and pawing at the crab. Q_Q save meeeee

Dreamy can't resist a pitiful look like that! She sighs and, once this new wolf seems okay with her helping and all, considers the plight of the crab claw. She looks around for another shell, beaches are usually pretty littered with them, and finds a suitable long and thin one she can use to wedge between crab claws, helping to pry the darn thing back open again so the crab can drop harmlessly down into the sand. And off a wolf nose!

"Yeah, Bruce. Funny guy, dirty blonde fur, likes to get lost on the beach," Jason says, starting up a conversation with his erstwhile friend. "I mean, um…" He clears his throat, and speaks in a growling, drawn out manner. Ever seen Finding Nemo? The whale speech? It's like that, but more wolfy. "Whaaaat's Youuuuur Naaaaaaaame?"

With Dreamy's help, the irascible crab (which is my Reel Big Fish angry metal coverband) drops to the sand and scuttles away. The wolf snorts and shakes her whole body off, pawing at her nose a little as though rubbing the pain away. Then she plunks her butt in the sand and wags more eagerly, jaw dropping and tongue lolling. Thank you! she rumbles, unintelligible to Dreamy.

When Jason starts talking like that though, she cants her head in confusion and stares at him before chuffing. What?

Dreamy, too, cants her head in confusion and stares at Jason once they've removed the crab from their new wolf friend and bear witness to the oddest growling ever. She reaches a hand out in a gesture towards the tablet she'd given Jason, at least favoring him with a smile. If a slightly pained smile. Another of those headaches is coming around…

Jason looks at the wolf expectantly, before noticing Dreamy looking at him, and he blinks innocently. "What? That's how he was talking. Oh! Right." He hands the tablet back, blinking at the wolf. "Oh! Um…" He clears his throat, and starts to growl right back at the wolf in a way that sounds like he's just going crazy to Dreamy. You're welcome! What's your name?
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The wolf scootches a little closer to Dreamy, having apparently made a friend, but her head tilts the other way now at Jason. Her ears even flop ever so slightly. Don't know, she rumbles. Don't remember. Lost, ran, confused? Where am I?

At least Dreamy can interpret the hunching shoulders, the sad droop. Aw. Sad puppy! And up close, Dreamy can see the bare ring of skin around her neck where a collar would have been, still cracked and oozing with some kind of bad burn.

Collars aren't an uncommon sight among street rats. Kids who get caught and sent to special places to do things for unscrupulous folks… Once in a while they'll escape or get rescued. Of course she's never seen what that would do to a wolf, but rings around ones neck are pretty universally understood.

This means she has to go against her initial instinct of wanting to HUG THE SAD PUPPY! And instead settles for..what, head-pats? Maybe a rub behind an ear? Look you can't not pet a sad dog. Or wolf. Especially since she doesn't understand the noises they're making yet. Though something about that's really putting a fresh bit of pressure right against her temples.

You know how you don't realize something is there until it's gone? Ever since Dreamy met Jason, she's seen a perpetual smile behind his eyes. And she realizes this now, because suddenly it goes away, and he's left looking truly distressed. Don't remember your name? What do you remember?
Jason comes to sit down by the wolf, tentatively reaching out to let her sniff his hand, looking at her neck with a wince. "She says she doesn't remember her name. She's lost and confused." He clears his throat again and growls out a stilted, You are safe. You're near a Garou home. Where did you come from?

Poor Dreamy, left out! The puppy looks like she could really use a hug. But she does sniff Jason's hand, her tail thumping again. At least she radiates a calm, if playful, energy, rather than tension or anger. Her ears perk as he speaks and she chuffs softly. Not much. City. Eat from metal boxes. Then big wolf, say I am Garou, man-wolf, but I am not, am just wolf. We go to forest, but he wants to hunt so I run… She looks uncertain then. Her Mother's Tongue is atrocious and even more stilted than Jason's, apparently newly acquired. Now am here? More Garou? Please no hunting… She whines then.

Of course Dreamy still doesn't understand, but she gets whines and posture! The new wolf's whining finally does earn a hug, if a brief one around the slumped shoulders. Her eyes widen at Jason's translation, and at 'she', holding up her tablet to tap something out on it to show him.

'Sounds kind of like how I found The Boss. I guess you're her Boss now?'

Jason's expression goes grim as she describes all of that, nodding along with her. At her last remark, he smiles and pats her gently on the shoulder. No hunting. You want food? Good food. No hunting needed…
Jason glances down at Dreamy's tablet, and a horrified look crosses his face. "Boss? What? I can't be a Boss. I'm not even responsible enough to take care of a goldfish!"

She looks relieved at that, ears craning. She even flops into Dreamy's hug, her own tail starting to thump a little more. But she looks confused again at Jason. But you are in charge of this pup, she says, indicating Dreamy. Aren't you?

Dreamy must have been thinking something similar to the wolf. When Jason raises a fuss about being a 'boss', she clears her tablet and types up a different message: 'You're kind of my new Boss now, too?'

Jason looks between the two of them now, getting this from both sides. "Holy Gaia's Garters," he mutters, sitting back and running his hands through his hair. "I have cubs. I have two cubs, Gaia save their souls." He shakes his head, letting out an amazed laugh.
"Fuck. I'm sorry for both of you. But there's one thing that I know cubs like…" He stands then, brushing sand off his shorts and flashes Dreamy a smile. "Let's go back and get some grub. How's that sound?"
He turns to the wolf, licking his lips, then gestures for her to come with him. Come. We'll feed you. Tend to your wounds. Good?

The pup wags her tail more. She brightens considerably, practically wiggling beside Dreamy. What she says next is a complicated bunch of Mother's Tongue, but there's no doubt what it sums up: Twinkies???? she says excitedly.

Dreamy smirks at Jason's reaction, giving the wolf leaning and wiggling next to her a little nudge with her arm. She types out a couple more notes:

'I'm still older than I look.' Dreamy's note insists, the lass sticking her tongue out and following it up with a second message: 'You know what I meant by 'Boss'.'

Then the subject of food comes up and she's quick to nod her head, getting up off the sandy beach and brushing her dress off. Seems food sounds like a great plan to her!
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Jason smiles at Dreamy, bemused at her messages. "I'm not so sure I do. But we can work that out, I guess," he says, showing his hands in his pockets. When the wolf speaks up, he bursts out with a laugh. "Twinkies, really?? Uh, sure…" He shakes his head, walking down the street with two new "cubs" in tow. Let's talk to the Bone Gnawers. If anyone knows where the Twinkies are, it's them.

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