Race Garou

Shapeshifter: You have the ability to shapeshift, choosing from the forms Homid, Glabro, Crinos, Hispo, and Lupus.

  • Shapeshifting takes an action, or you can perform a Difficulty 3 Might roll to shapeshift as part of another action. If you fail, you don't Shapeshift and you cannot Shapeshift for one round.
  • Each form provides different Armor, natural weapons, and other bonuses (see table below).
  • When in forms that provide Armor, you do not take the penalties associated with that armor type. You still take armor penalties for wearing mundane armor.
  • Mundane armor and clothing are absorbed into your body when you shift out of Homid, but weapons you're carrying are not.
  • Ranged weapons like bows must be sized properly to your current form to be wielded.
  • When in Crinos, you can perform an All-out Attack action with your claws and teeth. To do this, you must have both hands free.
Form Armor Attacks Extras
Homid Unarmed (Light)
Glabro Light (+1) Unarmed (Medium)
Crinos Heavy (+3) Claw/Bite (Medium), All-out Attack (Heavy) +5 Might Pool that can only be used for absorbing damage
Hispo Medium (+2) Bite (Medium)
Lupus Bite (Light) Can move Long Distance without having to roll.


  • If you are not Practiced in Medium or Heavy weapons, you still take the attack penalty when trying to make natural weapon attacks of that type. Garou Shamans, for example, usually rely on the use of Klaives (traditional daggers) in combat rather than their claws.
  • Any fetish armor will stay with you when you shift into a non-Homid form, but you take armor penalties as normal when wearing this armor even in non-Homid forms.
  • Fetish armor overlaps with Garou's natural armor instead of stacking. This means that if you shift to Crinos while wearing Earth-Strengthed Plate Mail (+4 Armor), you just get +4 Armor. If you're wearing Shadow Skin Leather Armor (+1 Armor), you still get the bonus to sneaking skills, and you get your Crinos armor bonus of +3.
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