Employs Magnetism Tier 5

Tier 5: Command Metal (5 Intellect points). You reshape a metallic item as you desire. The item must be within sight and within short range, and its mass can be no greater than your own. You can affect multiple items at once as long as their combined mass falls within these limits. You can fuse multiple items together. You can use this power to destroy a metal object (as the Destroy Metal ability), or you can craft it into another desired shape (crudely, unless you have the proper crafting skills). You can then move the new object anywhere within range. For example, you could take a few metal shields, fuse them together, and use the resulting shape to block a doorway. You can use this ability to make an attack — causing a foe's armor to constrict, rendering a metal item into shards that you fling across the battlefeld, and so on — against one target within short range. Regardless of the form of the attack, it is an Intellect action that deals 7 points of damage. Action.

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