Ward Of The Wolf's Den


Shadow Gift: Gift of Warding

Cost: 5 Essence
Duration: 1 month
Dice Pool: --
Action: Instant

The wolf must have a sanctuary, a den to which he can return and slumber in safety.

This Facet affects all or part of a single structure, or an area of up to the Uratha’s Cunning Renown x 10 yards in radius. Within this area, all attempts to cross the Gauntlet, open a doorway to another realm, or use any other form of scrying window, portal, or otherworldly breach suffer a penalty equal to the Uratha’s Glory Renown. The Uratha becomes immediately aware of any gateway or opening forming in the warded area and may reflexively spend 1 Essence to force a Clash of Wills to close it. Using this Facet at a locus in the area seals it shut for a number of hours equal to the Uratha’s Glory Renown.

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