Shadow Gift: Gift of Strength

Cost: 1 Essence
Duration: --
Dice Pool: --
Action: Reflexive

The Garou are not domesticated dogs to be chained or leashed. Nothing can contain their rage and might.

The Garou may use this Gift to shatter or tear free of any binding or chain that holds her, regardless of the material that it is made of — even supernatural or magical bindings. When Unchained causes a Clash of Wills against another supernatural power that would bind or hold her, the werewolf benefits from the rote quality on her Clash of Wills dice pool. She may also use the Facet to add her Cunning Renown to grappling rolls. If the Garou is in Hard Frenzy, Unchained costs no Essence to use and she will use it instinctively.

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