Totem's Wrath


Wolf Gift: Gift of Pack

Cost: 1 Essence
Duration: 1 scene
Dice Pool: Presence + Occult + Honor versus Power + Finesse + Resistance
Action: Contested

The werewolf injects Death Rage into the totem and forces it to physical form, where a Gauru-like shell hastily forms around it. The totem isn’t itself at that moment — it is a murderous foe in the throes of Kuruth that can only distinguish “pack” from “not pack.” Most totems believe that using this Facet violates their bargains with their packs, even those that enjoy violence and conflict. Use of this Facet can have a dramatic effect on the relationship between totem and pack.

The totem immediately gains the Materialized Condition. This Facet forces it into a shell of flesh that resembles an Uratha’s Gauru form. The totem gains Power +3, Finesse +1, Resistance +2 and Size 7 (changing derived traits by Corpus +2, Initiative +1, Speed +4). It applies Defense to Firearms attacks, inflicts Lunacy, and uses the Primal Fear ability like a Gauru werewolf.

Powered by rage, the totem follows the rules for a werewolf in Basu-Im, but will not attack any packmate with the Totem Merit. Other packmates may fall into Basu-Im as a result of the spirit’s actions.

The spirit loses 1 Essence per turn. Once it hits 0 Essence, or the werewolf using the Facet dismisses it, the totem explodes into ephemera with a final howl. Once dismissed, the totem withdraws from the pack. For one day per turn it was active, the pack cannot use any bonuses provided by the totem, nor can they use Gifts or rites that rely on its presence, including this Facet.

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