The Father's Form


Wolf Gift: Gift of Change

Cost: --
Duration: --
Dice Pool: --
Action: No Action

The Garou may take Crinos form without having to constantly attack or risk falling to Frenzy. This Gift brings forth Father Wolf's form while suppressing Mother Luna's bloodthirsty madness.

The Garou can shift to Crinos form outside combat without falling to Frenzy, and is not limited by the number of turns it can spend in Crinos. The character loses several of the form's advantages using this Gift:

  • It regenerates as per other forms
  • It does not automatically benefit from Down and Dirty combat
  • It can perform Mental and Social actions as normal
  • It inflicts Lunacy as if it were in Hispo form.

The suppressed rage burns fierce and builds pressure beneath the flimsy locks. If the Garou makes an attack, or suffers more than its Purity Renown in lethal damage during the scene, this Gift ends and it follows the normal rules for Crinos. If the Gift ends in this way, the Garou cannot use this Gift again for rest of the scene.

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