Still Small Voice


Shadow Gift: Gift of Inspiration

Cost: 1 Essence per Garou targeted
Duration: 1 scene
Dice Pool: Presence + Persuasion + Wisdom versus Resolve + Primal Urge
Action: Instant

Words spoken with this Gift pierce through the raging flames of Frenzy with calm assurance.

This Gift can be used against any number of Garou in Soft Frenzy who can hear the speaker’s words. Targets cannot choose not to resist even if they sorely desire to indulge the oncoming fury.

Dramatic Failure: The infectious nature of Frenzy strikes the Garou and forces her into Soft Frenzy herself.
Failure: The Gift fails.
Success: The Garou's calming words drag the targets out of Soft Frenzy and return them to normal.
Exceptional Success: All Garou present who can hear the speaker add her Wisdom to dice pools resisting Death Rage for the rest of the scene.

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