Spirit Whispers

Wisdom ••

Moon Gift: Gift of the Sickle Moon

Cost: 1 Essence
Duration: --
Dice Pool: Presence + Persuasion + Wisdom
Action: Instant

The Ithaeur can whisper a command that stirs sleeping spirits to mutter their secrets.

The Ithaeur may use Spirit Whispers against a single object or dormant spirit that she can perceive and that can hear her words. She phrases a simple question of at most one sentence. This is generally used to ask the sleeping spirit of a mundane object (such as a door, traffic light, or so forth) for information relating to its immediate area of influence.

Dramatic Failure: The spirit gives the Ithaeur an outright false or misleading answer.
Failure: The spirit remains dormant and does not reply.
Success: The spirit whispers a short, one-sentence answer to the Ithaeur’s question. It can only provide information about its immediate environs or influence — a door’s slumbering spirit might know the code that humans use to open it, and descriptions of who has passed through recently, but that is all. “I don’t know” is a perfectly valid answer.
Exceptional Success: The spirit provides a longer answer, not limited to just one sentence.

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