Spider's Song


Cost: 1 Essence
Duration: As long as she keeps her ear to the line/keeps the cell phone user in sight
Dice Pool: --
Action: Instant

The Ragabash can steal messages from the Weaver's web, plucking them from the air or eavesdropping as they race through telephone lines. The Ragabash must be aware that a conversation is happening to listen in on it (though she doesn't have to know who's on the other end of the line). For conversations across land lines, the Ragabash must place her ear against a telephone pole or cord; to listen in on cell phone discussions (or even to intercept text messages) she need only be able to see one of the phones being used. Spider- and raven-spirits teach this Gift.

Note: Of course, as this game is set in 1948, it's highly unlikely there will be a use involving a cell phone. Still, you never know, what with that rascally Umbra.

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