Skin Thief


Wolf Gift: Gift of Change

Cost: 5 Essence
Duration: --
Dice Pool: --
Action: Instant

Although grisly, an Uratha with this Facet can don the skin of a kill as if it were his own natural hide.

The Uratha can only use this Facet while in Hishu form. He must skin a human or predatory animal of roughly the same size as a wolf, enough to wear across his shoulders at least, and then don the skin. Once he has paid the Essence cost of the Facet, the Uratha’s skin warps and ripples before settling into a copy of the deceased’s appearance, bone structure, and muscle. In the case of a human, the Uratha becomes a physically perfect mimic of the prey until such a time as he willingly sheds the stolen skin or shapeshifts, bloodily tearing his way out of the sheath. In the case of an animal, the werewolf’s Urhan form now becomes a copy of the slain predator for one lunar month, although its traits do not otherwise change. If the werewolf spends a Willpower point, his Urhan copies the predator indefinitely, until he chooses to copy another animal with this Facet or decides to return his Urhan to the form of a wolf. Whether the mimicked prey is human or animal, the Uratha’s eyes never change to match the new shape — they remain his own.

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