Sift The Sands


Shadow Gift: Gift of Knowledge

Cost: 1 Essence
Duration: 1 scene
Dice Pool: Intelligence + Academics + Wisdom
Action: Extended (10 successes; 1 roll per minute)

When the wise Uratha calls, knowledge itself heeds his cry. Seated amongst the collated knowledge of others, complex research takes a matter of minutes and hidden lore reveals itself willingly.

This Facet can only be used in the presence of a store of knowledge — whether a library, room of secure deposit boxes or a humming server rack. The Uratha chooses a particular piece of information that they seek and sets the spirits about the task of finding it. Spirits that come to the Uratha’s commands manifest signs of their passing — pages whisper and flutter, servers crack or snap with lightning, and entire books may dance up from shelves and hurtle around.

Dramatic Failure: The Uratha suffers the Ban Condition. He cannot read, nor can he comprehend visual glyphs and symbols like those on road signs. Having someone read to him is unsettling and he feels a desire to flee in such circumstances.
Failure: The Uratha accumulates no successes and gains the Stumbled Condition.
Success: The Uratha accumulates successes. If he hits the target, the Uratha immediately discovers if the information he seeks is present and, if it is, it is delivered to him regardless of any security, locks, encryption or other obstacles. In the case of data, the Uratha receives the information directly into his mind. By touching a blank book or data storage of some kind within one hour and spending 1 Essence, he may cause the information to transcribe itself across immediately.
Exceptional Success: Any research rolls performed using the sifted store of knowledge for one month occur at double speed and add the Uratha’s Wisdom to the dice pool.

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