Shadow Masquerade

Wisdom ••••

Moon Gift: Gift of the Sickle Moon

Cost: 2 Essence
Duration: 1 hour per success
Dice Pool: Manipulation + Occult + Wisdom versus Resistance
Action: Instant

The Ithaeur dons the Essence of a spirit like a mask. She passes amongst the denizens of the Shadow as one of their own. The Ithaeur may use this Facet against a single spirit that she can perceive.

Dramatic Failure: The Ithaeur fails to mimic the spirit, and gains the Ban Condition (see p. 306). The ban she gains corresponds to the spirit’s own ban.
Failure: The Ithaeur fails to mimic the spirit.
Success: The Ithaeur copies a number of Influence dots from the spirit equal to successes rolled, as well as gaining either its ban or bane. She uses her Shadow Masquerade dice pool for copied Influence use. To other spirits, the Ithaeur appears as a spirit of the same type as the prey as long as she acts in an appropriate fashion. If she behaves suspiciously, other spirits may make a Finesse + Resistance roll penalized by the Rank of the mimicked spirit to pierce the deception. If this succeeds, Shadow Masquerade immediately ends.
Exceptional Success: Any attempts by a spirit to see through the illusion are also penalized by the Ithaeur’s Wisdom Renown.

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