Shadow Gift: Gift of Shaping

Cost: 1 Essence
Duration: 30 Minutes
Dice Pool: Intelligence + Crafts + Wisdom
Action: Instant

This Facet targets a single object or part of a larger structure; the item or component affected must be of Size equal to or less than the Uratha’s Wisdom Renown. The werewolf must touch the object to be affected.

Dramatic Failure: The Facet fails, and the object or structure cannot be affected by Sculpt again for one day.
Failure: The Facet fails.
Success: The object or material becomes malleable and workable like clay. The Uratha can easily twist, mold, and sculpt it, no matter what it is actually made out of. She can make a sculpture, change something’s shape to suit her, or simply push the substance of a wall out of the way and make a rent in it. After half an hour, the object returns to its usual solidity, although the Uratha may spend another Essence at this stage to maintain its malleability for another 30 minutes. She can continue to do this indefinitely as long as she has the Essence to pay the cost. Mechanical and electronic objects are unlikely to still work after being reshaped; a cellphone twisted into the shape of a pretzel will no longer function when it solidifies, for example.
Exceptional Success: All Crafts rolls made to shape, sculpt and work the softened substance add the Uratha’s Wisdom Renown.

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