Scent Of The True Form


Cost: --
Duration: 1 scene
Dice Pool: Wits + Composure + Honor, with modifiers
Action: Instant

The Philodox is able to scent the truth of those she meets, literally sniffing out an individual's true form. A vulture-spirit teaches this Gift.

The Garou can smell Kinfolk or a fellow werewolf automatically. The Imbued register as normal humans to this Gift. Unfamiliar scents aren't automatically recognized: a Philodox who has never encountered any Rokea might not immediately recognize the scent she detects as 'wereshark.'

Target Modifier
Human or Animal -1
Vampire, Changeling, Demon, Mummy, or Fera -2
Mage, Ghoul, or Fomor -3

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