Reflected Facets


Wolf Gift: Gift of Pack

Cost: +1 Essence
Duration: Special
Dice Pool: --
Action: Instant

A werewolf is a weapon armed with Gifts. Like an artillery strike, this Facet grants the Uratha’s pack the ability to guide her power.

The Uratha may use her Gifts even against prey she cannot personally sense as long as one of her packmates can. This costs 1 additional Essence on top of the Facet’s normal cost. The werewolf gains no special ability to know when her packmate can see the prey and must use other Gifts, signals, or technology to coordinate.

The character may also transfer Facets that enhance the individual rather than target prey. The Uratha activates the Facet while paying 1 additional Essence, and the effects appear on the chosen packmate. The Uratha can’t reactivate the Facet while it is in use, but may cancel the transfer with a reflexive action. Both uses of this Facet have a range of the Uratha’s Cunning Renown in miles.

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