Read The World's Loom


Shadow Gift: Gift of Insight

Cost: 5 Essence
Duration: 1 scene
Dice Pool: Wits + Streetwise + Glory
Action: Instant

If this Facet is used while the Uratha is in his pack’s territory, its cost is reduced to 3 Essence.

Dramatic Failure: The Uratha reads a false message in his surroundings; a flight of birds makes him fear a hostile pack approaches when no such threat exists.
Failure: The Facet fails.
Success: The Uratha gains insight from his surroundings, hearing of a coming threat from the growling engines of a traffic jam, reading secrets from amidst the gang tags on the walls, or seeing the sorry state of the Gauntlet in the patterns of scurrying cockroaches. The character learns of a single event, threat, or circumstance of meaningful relevance to the Uratha within his Glory Renown in miles. The information gained relates to the present or the near future, although anything beyond 24 hours is likely to be extremely vague.
Topics that the character can choose to have insight into (along with sample answers) include:
* Threats. (The police chief is planning a raid on the pack; werewolves come seeking a showdown; the tenement is unstable and will soon collapse; the old spirit Thurizag has returned)
* The supernatural. (Something preys on human residents in the area; something dwells in the high-rise; something numbs the minds of residents)
* The Gauntlet. (It lies in tatters; swathes are thick and stifling; spirits are breaching it)
* The Shadow. (Someone is cultivating a particular spiritual resonance; the umia are at war; interlopers have entered the Shadow)
* Violence. (A riot is brewing; there is a pattern to the murders; a hunt is taking place)
* Conflicts. (Gangs are feuding over drug territory; the big corporation is under financial attack, the mayoral election is turning nasty)
* Weather. (A storm is coming; the blazing heat will not abate for a week; the heavy rain hides murders)
If the character chooses a topic to which there are no meaningful answers, he can choose a different topic instead.
Exceptional Success: The Uratha can choose two topics to gain insight into.

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